Sync folders on different drives

  wescliff 14:18 13 May 2017

Have folders on both my PC and a removable Seagate drive which contain about 300Gb of music. They should be identical but the removable has fallen behind. Is there a way it can sort of interrogate the folder on the PC and copy to itself what is missing. Grateful for any advice.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:40 13 May 2017

what are you using to copy the folder over?

I use free filesync (but watch for addons when installing it.

  wescliff 15:49 13 May 2017

Up to now I just copy over the top and tell it to ignore duplicates. But takes ages. I'll have a look at free filesync thanks, and will watch out for the extras.

  wescliff 15:52 13 May 2017

Tried it, but Norton blocked site. Got in at second attempt and downloaded, Norton promptly removed it.

  alanrwood 16:58 13 May 2017

Disconnect from internet, close Norton and try again.

Incidentally, I use a program called Directory Toolkit from a company called Funduc Software.

  wescliff 22:14 13 May 2017

Got both programs thanks, Will check them out tomorrow

Thanks again.

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