Switching to W Live mail

  john bunyan 10:16 10 Nov 2009

I am, in a couple of weeks, switching from XP SP3 to W7 64bit. On XP I am using Outlook Express for e mail with Pipex as ISP (will change one day!!). In preparation, can I change smoothly to Windows Live Mail on XP so my e mail will be easier to migrate when I do a clean reinstall of a full W7 installation (Outlook Express not possble in W7). I am a bit rusty on all the e mail settings (POP etc) Is there an "idiots guide" to do this? I would like to end up with all my contacts, old e mails etc in Windows Live Mail.

  BurrWalnut 13:56 10 Nov 2009

Previously included programs like Photo Gallery, Mail, Movie Maker and Messenger are not present in Windows 7, they have to be downloaded separately. The one you need to download is Windows Live Mail (WLM). Go click here to download Live Setup and then download WLM.

Here is the whole transfer procedure from OE to WLM:
Go to File > Export > Address Book and select Comma Separated Values (CSV) > Export, select the fields you want or, for more safety, select all the fields and save the file to the Desktop.
Go to the Windows Orb (Start), type shell:contacts and press Enter to display the Contacts folder. Click Import > CSV > Import and browse to the file on the Desktop.

Go to Tools > Accounts > Mail Tab and select the first one you want to export. Click on it and then press Export. Save the file to the Desktop. Repeat this procedure for any other e-mail accounts you want to export.
Go to Tools (press Alt if the Toolbar is not showing) > Accounts > Import > Browse to the file on the Desktop.

Create folders on the Desktop and name them OEInbox and OESent. Open Outlook Express, go to the Inbox, click on a message line, then press Ctrl+A to Select All and drag the highlighted items into OEInbox. Repeat it for Sent Items and any other mail boxes that you have.
Open WLM, display the Inbox and open the OEInbox folder on the Desktop, Select All (Ctrl+A) the items from the OEInbox folder and drag them to the WLM Inbox. Repeat this for any other mail boxes.

  john bunyan 14:45 10 Nov 2009

Thanks very much. I only want live mail as I have Photoshop, roxio etc for the other items. Any views on MS live Mail vs Outlook 2007 for W7?

  sunnystaines 14:52 10 Nov 2009

i have given up on isp email now just use gmail.

  BurrWalnut 15:08 10 Nov 2009

You get what you pay for, how much is WLM compared to Outlook 2007?

To put it another way, Austin Mini or BMW 525?

  john bunyan 16:58 10 Nov 2009

WLM free, Outlook 2007 only £10 above MS Office 2007 (I Think); if it is better I'd rather have it.I have up to now been using Lotus Smartsuite for word processing, spreadsheets and presentations so was thinking of buying the MS suite when I switch to W7.Should I go for Outlook 2007 then? If so I assume the above instructions are the same, more or less.

  john bunyan 17:05 10 Nov 2009

Woops, I think I am wrong, the Home and student MS Office 2007 does not include Outlook 2007. Pity.

  BurrWalnut 18:52 10 Nov 2009

The instructions I gave above are for Windows Live Mail. Outlook uses a .pst file using the Export/Import route

  AlanHo 04:35 11 Nov 2009

It is not advisable to use the import function for a pst file. You should use File>Open>Outlook Data File.

  BurrWalnut 06:43 11 Nov 2009

Yes, what I meant was the phrase Export/Import the Outlook Express files to Outlook click here

  john bunyan 10:22 11 Nov 2009

Thanks to all. I will (meanly) go with windows Live mail on switching to W7 and will follow your instructions. I will probably save the Outlook Express stuff on an external HD as I am going to do a clean reinstall of W7 64 bit to a partitioned HD. Then I can download Live mail and import the OE stuff from the external drive.

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