Switching back to W7 Ultimate from W8 Pro - can I use my W7 key?

  dms_05 13:15 01 Feb 2013

I took the plunge and installed W8 Pro. After a couple of months I've decided I really can't use the hybrid Tiles on a 24" screen. I've tried the 'Start' button fix but I still get large ugly Apps displayed in full 24" screen mode. So I'd like to move back to W7 Ultimate.

The question is 'will by W7 Ultimate Key have been deleted on the MS database as 'used' after I installed W8 Pro?

At the same time I installed MS Office 2007 on the W8 Pro install. Would I be able to re-install my Office 2007 on W7 Ultimate (where it originally was)?

I don't want to start the W7 reinstall and find it will cost me a lot of additional software costs!

Any help appreciated.

  Pine Man 14:19 01 Feb 2013

I re-installed W7 after dumping W8 and the key was NOT accepted BUT I rang the free Microsoft number and got W7 activated again without any problems.

  dms_05 14:24 01 Feb 2013

Thanks for that. Don't suppose you remember which Microsoft telephone number you called?

  Pine Man 14:33 01 Feb 2013

You will have to re-install W7 first and when it fails to activate with the old number you will be given options and one will be a phone number to Microsoft with a reference number to use. It really was very painless and straightforward:-)

  iqs 16:20 01 Feb 2013

Hi, Sorry for hijacking your thread ,but if I wish to reinstall my retail version of w7 premium ,I will have to contact microsoft to reactive the key ?, Surely I if I paid £100 for w7, Microsoft can't deactivate the key ? Thanks

  Pine Man 16:53 01 Feb 2013

If you have purchased a 'cheap' upgrade to W8 it is an upgrade from a specific W7 program, which in theory is no longer usable. When you re-install that W7 program the key will probably not activate it. If you ring Microsoft they will activate your W7 program for you but you will not then be able to use the W8 upgrade.

  dms_05 08:58 02 Feb 2013

Pine Man - well explained. Thanks!

  rdave13 18:19 02 Feb 2013

You have a perfect right to downgrade from 8 to 7 at any time. Once you downgrade you might have to use the auto telephone verification. Once done then the win 8 upgrade key is invalid and no one else can use it . If you decide to upgrade again via 7 then 8 will validate and the 7 key will be invalidated. On Vista and onward if you go to 'system' via control panel you should notice that it takes a few seconds for the OS to be validated.

Every time you go online Microsoft validates your OS.

  Zeppelyn 00:54 03 Feb 2013

I don't like the Start screen tiles either, I simply got around that by paying £1.95 for two Start is Back licences which reinstates Win 7 start menu etc completely and also boots to the desktop. Win 8 does have features that I like tho, PC Refresh and Reset, Storage Spaces etc. Plus you can use a custom refresh image with PC Refresh using recimg.

Have'nt seen the start screen or apps since about half hour after installing.

Yes you do lose a licence after upgrading but I wasn't going to lose a Win 7 licence so installed an old retail copy of Vista I had to a second disk and gave up that rather than 7.

  dms_05 10:45 04 Feb 2013

I reinstalled W7 Ultimate over W8 Pro. It was a full install as you can't keep the User settings as you would when upgrading to W8. However everything authorised and activated without any need to call Microsoft. I had kept the Windows.old file from my original installation of W8 Pro so maybe you need that to allow the original key to be accepted.

My major complaint about W8 was the clunky switching between a full 24" 1920x1080 desktop (with everything to scale) to a set of Tiles best suited to a 4" mobile phone screen. If the visual impact hadn't been so great then I can see some advantages to W8 but not when it is so visually unattractive. In fact the unacceptable nature of Metro on a bigger screen means I won't buy a Windows phone either. I've just ordered a Google Nexus 4 over any of the Nokia offerings. So MS have lost twice.

  Pine Man 10:51 04 Feb 2013

Keep an eye on your activation. It took a few days for mine to be rejected.

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