Switch between tabs in Firefox.

  Linkslade 19:26 26 Apr 2014


Have a desktop and a laptop both running W7 with Firefox. On the laptop I can switch between tabs on the taskbar but I can't on the desktop.

I have placed both machines together and checked that all settings in tools and options are the same and that all seems equal.

I feel that the laptop must have something either checked or installed that the desktop hasn't.

Any advice appreciated.

  lotvic 12:09 27 Apr 2014

"On the laptop I can switch between tabs on the taskbar"

That sounds more like you are opening new instances/windows of FF instead of one instance with tabs.

  Linkslade 18:23 27 Apr 2014


Thanks for your reply.

I should have said that on opening a web page on the laptop it's shown on the taskbar but not on the desktop. However I've been fiddling in Options/ tabs and managed to get web pages "stacked" behind the firefox icon on the desktop taskbar. Not the the same I know, but at least I can now switch between pages.

  northumbria61 11:27 03 May 2014

I have found the add-on New Tab Homepage 0.4.3 works very well in Firefox. It loads your Homepage when you open a new tab.

  alanrwood 18:26 03 May 2014

To your original problem

Right click on the start button and select properties. Select the taskbar tab and change the setting for Taskbar Buttons. Think that is what you are trying to do.

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