svchost.exe hogging 50% of CPU

  _Nurtle_ 03:54 06 Nov 2018

Hi! I'm not the most tech savy, nor sure where to post, but I'll give this place a shot.

Recently my computer has been a bit sluggish, and I checked task manager to see what's going on, and one of the svchost.exe processes is taking about 50% of my CPU. I've looked into the topic, and alot of people are saying it's to do with the windows update service, but the svchost thats hogging mine does not seem to be the same one. The services linked to this are as follows- Diagnostic System host, Distributed Link Tracking Client, Touch Keyboard and Handwriting, Storage Service, Sensor Service, Program Compatibility Assistant, Network Connection Broker, Human Interface Device Service, Device Association Service, Windows Audio Endpoint Builder,

A few details that could be useful: -I'm running Windows 10. -I usually constantly restart the Touch Keyboard and Handwriting service often to get my Wacom Tablet to work. I don't know if this could have to do anything with it, but it's just a little thing.

Any help would be appreciated :)

  _Nurtle_ 15:53 06 Nov 2018

Update- I fixed the issue I had by restarting with my tablet unplugged. It seems the issue did have something to do the Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Service.

  john bunyan 16:02 06 Nov 2018

Thanks for the update; so many don’t bother.

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