Suggestions on my backup - SSD partition or not?

  john bunyan 12:29 06 Oct 2018

In the past I have either had 2 drives (in Desktop a 250 Gig SSD and a 1Tb SATA), or with SATA single drives , have partitioned them with about 2 – 25o gig as C drive and the balance as D.

I have kept OS and programmes on the C Drive and moved User data to the D drive(s) , then used Macrium Reflect to make images of the C Drive and Freefilesynch to make mirror copies of the D Drive data. With a new laptop, that has a 500gig SSD, and similarly when setting up a granddaughter’s similar PC, I was advised by a local expert not to partition a SSD .

I have made Macrium images of the whole C drive that now has the User data on it. In trying to run Freefilesynch for the User folder there are all sorts of exceptions thrown up, eg stuff from the AppData. I do not want to use OneDrive. I have installed a micro SSD of 64 and 128 gig respectively as a D Drive and set back up in Windows /System/ backup, but am not exactly sure how that works. I don’t want to use cloud . I would be grateful for suggestions bearing in mind my preference for Macrium, Freefilesynch and no cloud. Should I reconsider partitioning? Ideally not, but suggestions are welcome.

NB The reason for not just using Macrium is it takes longer than Freefilesynch and is more difficult to extract the data alone from it. I use USB HD's for the backups.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:52 06 Oct 2018

Can't see why you shouldn't partition the SSD as windows does it during install to make the system reserve partition and the Recovery partition (where the "tools" are kept) as well as the C: drive.

I like to keep my system (c) partition reasonably small with enough room for the op system and space for windows to do its 6 monthly large update, as this makes it quicker to image and restore if required.

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  wee eddie 14:36 06 Oct 2018

What is the point of Backing up to the Computer you're Backing Up. Lose one, lose all!

  john bunyan 15:37 06 Oct 2018

*wee eddie *

I do my main backups to external USB HD’s. However the laptop has a little micro SD slot that can take a 128gig SD. It becomes the D drive and in Windows 10 can be set to continuously back up data via Settings, Backups. If PC goes belly up the SD can be read on another PC.

  john bunyan 15:42 06 Oct 2018


Yes, I think about 200 gig for System ( using about 70 at the moment) , and about 300 ( Out of total 500 ) for data. Will look seriously at your link as I like that system. MS seems to “frown” on this method, I suspect to encourage paid for cloud methods.

  john bunyan 17:18 06 Oct 2018


I attach a screenshot of my Disks. The D is the micro SSD, the name of which I could change to E if I go ahead with partitioning the main C drive to say 200 Gig and leaving the balance of about 240 Gig for a new D (data) drive. However I don't want to make an error; I will download the software you link to but as you see the main C Drive C partition is surrounded by backup partitions etc. Do I a) Change the existing D to E; b) Shrink C ; c) create new D, to immediate right of C? I'd be grateful for a simple guide as the instructions are vague on these hidden partitions.


  wee eddie 17:55 06 Oct 2018

Continuous backup to a Stick has inherent problems, not least of which is being knocked while it is being written. Dead stick.

If you are set on this path. Why not name it your "Z" Drive. Then there will be no problems caused by other Drives being connected in the future

  john bunyan 18:02 06 Oct 2018

wee eddie This is not a stick - it is a micro SD card that "disappears " into a slot in the laptop. I do not rely on it as I do a freefilesynch of data to an external HD weekly along with a Macrium Reflect image. For a lightweight laptop it is a handy short term backup to use this micro SD. Good idea to label it Z.

  john bunyan 18:06 06 Oct 2018


Thanks; will await further input Maybe as well , when and if I partition, to do as you say re the micro SD card , format it and use NTFS? Not sure about he difference between NTFS and exFat

  john bunyan 18:08 06 Oct 2018

PS should I clone the existing set up prior to partitioning; I have HDD USB.

  wee eddie 18:20 06 Oct 2018

Many apologies

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