Stutter/lag Audio and visuals affected.

  Eoghan Gourlay 17:46 10 Apr 2019

First off my Specs are: CPU: Intel(R) Core (TM) i5-6500 CPU @ 3.2GHz RAM: DDR3 8GB RAM GPU: Nvidia 1060 3GB On windows 10

My PC will slightly stutter and cause video and audio lag for not even a second. Just a quick spike in latency or something. I have downloaded every update for drivers, I have uninstalled them and re-downloaded them straight from the companies websites. I have tried to look into my PC and find the problem but nothing seems wrong. I have de-fragged and done a disk clean up. I have done everything except re-downloading Windows since I am trying everything but doing that. I also don't know what it will do to my PC. I have checked if it was my headset causing the audio lag or my mouse causing the lag since that's where I notice it. I tried every other port to see if it stopped the issue. I feel like I have exhausted my options besides the one left. Any help?

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