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Strange User Folder in Win10v1909

  Newuser4165 10:21 31 May 2020

I have noticed a strange User Folder under C:/Users which is now present in v1909 but was not present in v1903.The folder name is 666. Any idea what it is and why it's there? It appears to be empty.I have tried googling it but got confused when google started referring to Linux.

  Newuser4165 10:30 31 May 2020

Edit above post.Folder was created on 30/05/20 and contains an App Data Folder which itself contains a Roaming Folder updated today 31/05/20.This folder is empty.What has caused this folder creation?

  wee eddie 11:10 31 May 2020

Only my guess but: Before the newest M$ Update arrives, your PC will be scanned to decide it's suitability.

This could be that scan

  Newuser4165 11:51 31 May 2020

That may be a possibility as yesterday I did receive an update from MS kb4497165 on 29/05/20 .However,Windows Update is saying that my pc is not ready yet for May update.My pc is only 8 months old but not ready!!!

  wee eddie 12:09 31 May 2020

What you mean to say is that you bought your PC 8 months ago.

There may be parts of it which may have been designed quite a while before that, but why worry, there's no rush.

Some of us may not get it for several months and nothing is likely to go wrong with our PCs in the intervening period.

  Newuser4165 12:27 31 May 2020

It's already been returned for repair following a KMODE EXCECEPTION NOT HANDLED error which was not fixable even by using PC reset. The repair was done by reinstalling Win 10 in 1909 version.Still doesn't feel right though.

  aleeam 07:43 01 Jun 2020

Can you delete it? Have you checked your Task Manager? Is it appearing there in the programs or in the startup tab?

  Secret-Squirrel 08:55 01 Jun 2020

..........User Folder under C:/Users.........The folder name is 666.

There may be something sinister going on with a folder name like that. It's clearly nothing to do with Windows Updates.

Head over to Settings -> Accounts -> Other users. Does it show any unknown users?

  Newuser4165 10:26 01 Jun 2020

No strange users in Accounts/Others so have deleted the 666 folder. Might this be created when downloading extra themes from Microsoft store via my Microsoft Account ? - the timings are similar.

  mikeyrh 11:05 01 Jun 2020

wee eddie is correct re Microsoft scanning your system to see if it is suitable to install the latest Microsoft Version 2004 update. The notice you have received in Windows Update is there because there are several issues with the new version which could affect your PC. Microsoft are also saying don't use the Media Creation Tool to try to get round this. You will be offered the update when the issues have been resolved. (I appreciate this was not your original question but it is linked to the thread).

  Newuser4165 12:02 01 Jun 2020

I'm finding Win10 v1909 infuriating the moment.Currently unable to install my Wacom graphics tablet and the display settings have gone haywire.At one point I had to login everytime the pc was inactive for 2 minutes and needed to change screensaver settings to prevent this - it had somehow been reset to 1 minute

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