Strange thing happen when i type, cant use pc!!

  Helpmepls 15:41 30 Apr 2018

It started when i was going to tab into steam overlay in l4d2 and instead i kept getting to desktop. i could not type in steam chat box, instead i opened menu buttons and enter made the ping sound that happens when you try to close a box without selecting option etc. When i try to double click i get the properties box etc. I figured i might have hit some key to enable key shortcuts or whatever so i restarted pc. I recently found a strange firewall exception, it was in chinese i think, i could not remove it from exceptions like i can everything else. Im really getting worried, its my birthday tomorrow and i really want my pc to work. Its a win 7 ultimate 64 bit. Im siting at the floor atm because i have only 1 internet cable so i have to shift it. NEED HELP!

  wiganken2 16:44 30 Apr 2018

If you able run a one-off online virus scan. These are free. ESET do one. click here . Others do them as well. To find these do an internet search for "online virus scan" omitting the quote marks.

  Helpmepls 20:45 08 May 2018

It got fixed, apparently one button was "stuck" without being stuck since i pressed every button at least once but then it got stuck for real and i unstuck it, problem solved.

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