Strange pop-up when logging out of

  MPN1A 19:00 11 Sep 2018

I have just clicked to log out of but instead of normal logout a pop-up appeared. It said "Message from web page. Do you really want to leave this page?". It had buttons for leave or stay. I have never seen this in years of using Hotmail. Is this something new or is it malicious? I didn't click anything but couldn't get out of Hotmail so I played safe by restarting the computer.

  wee eddie 20:39 11 Sep 2018

What it means is that you have an incompleted task. Perhaps you started an email and didn't send it

  MPN1A 18:53 12 Sep 2018

wee eddie

Thanks.It's possible that I accidentally clicked the close page X instead of the logout. I'll experiment later.

  MPN1A 19:48 12 Sep 2018

No, it wasn't that and I hadn't been trying to send an e-mail. It hasn't happened since.

  wee eddie 19:58 12 Sep 2018

Write a few words into a new email and then try yo Log Out, before you've sent it

  MPN1A 18:51 13 Sep 2018

No, that didn't do it. I think that I'll just write it off as one of those things. Thanks, anyway.

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