Strange missing text in windows 7

  wizzzzard 14:34 02 Sep 2014

Having a very bizarre issue with windows 7 Home Premium 64bit:

Internet Explorer will not display any texts on websites, only the images, yet google chrome will work ok.

Windows Gadgets will not display any text, only the background image of the gadget.

Steps I have tried so far:

Full Virus and Malware scan - clean Full SFC - ok Removed display drivers - same issue Deleted fntcache.dat and rebooted - same issue Created a new user account - same issue Fully removed all versions of IE and reinstalled - fault still present

Would any of you lovely people out there suggest a few things to try apart from a clean install? Many thanks in advance Merlin

p.s. old post showed as solved yet it wasn't, so sorry in advance for double post

  john bunyan 15:51 02 Sep 2014

See reply in other link

  wizzzzard 11:04 03 Sep 2014

To quote John for referance sake:

Posted Yesterday at 3:48PM

This may be to do with Active X. See this article.

Active X controls.

Mine seem to be set as per the link. Also, is your flash player up to date?

Flash player

  wizzzzard 11:06 03 Sep 2014

I have gone through the active x settings and they all appear fine, there was a lot of Live Mesh Active x entires from all different languages in the programs and features list, i have removed all these and rebooted but the issue is still there.

Going to try to update the flash player now, just need to find an offline installed for IE11 as I am unable to browse with it and if I use chrome it will install chromes version... Ill let you know how it goes

  wizzzzard 13:42 03 Sep 2014

Still no joy unfortunately - removed all the active X components and checked the settings agains your like. Installed Flash for IE11 a fresh.

  wizzzzard 13:51 03 Sep 2014

click here is a screenshot of the issue, maybe it will turn on a lightbulb


  wizzzzard 14:08 03 Sep 2014
  john bunyan 19:20 03 Sep 2014

The "Screenshot" was of a guy in a hoodie and baseball cap looking out of a car!

  lotvic 21:02 03 Sep 2014

For future reference, you can UN green tick a thread by clicking on the green tick and it will revert to grey. Next time page is refreshed it will not be marked 'Resolved' anymore.

  wizzzzard 08:09 04 Sep 2014

Yeah that's what I get when I load msn's home page, the main pic was there (in this case it must have been a news article about Beiber) all the text is missing ...

  john bunyan 10:05 04 Sep 2014

Your link had extras after MSN. How does it look on this link?


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