strange message on start up

  gerryp25 23:03 23 Apr 2014

Every time I start up I am getting a message which tells me that 'the specified module could not be found ' the file it brings up is ' bkgirfl.cpp '. If I press OK I disappears , on checking Task Manager it tells me that rundll is running, if I click on end programme the bkgirfl.cpp clears,.Has anyone any ideas?

  Forum Editor 08:01 24 Apr 2014

Files with the .cpp extension can contain source code that was written using C++ programming language.

The same extension is used by CA-Cricket software for its presentation files, and also by Maya OpenGL 3D software, in which case the file would contain 3D scenes. bkgirfl is a complete mystery to me.

  gerryp25 23:18 01 May 2014

It's disappeared now

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