Strange icons on top of screen

  zaphod_es 11:03 01 May 2017

Recently tiny icons that look a bit like horizontal scroll bars have appeared on the screen. They cannot be moved, are always on top and nothing happens when they are clicked. Sometimes new icons appear or some disappear. Rebooting makes no difference. If what you want to click is under one of the icons it cannot be be clicked. It may be coincidence but the computer has also become very slow. It is running Windows 10

It is a bit difficult to describe so I opened notepad with a blank document and took a screen shot which is here. click here

  Forum Editor 11:47 01 May 2017

Which version of Windows are we talking about?

  zaphod_es 12:22 01 May 2017

Does the version of Windows 10 make any difference to the solution to the problem? For what it is worth it is 1607

  lotvic 13:45 01 May 2017

could be the virtual scrolling setting, see if there is anything on these 2 links that help you find the setting to turn off click here tenforums small scroll bars on screen also this clickhere HowToGeek annoying little scrollbars

  Forum Editor 14:46 01 May 2017

Apologies - I hadn't noticed that you mentioned Windows 10.

This will probably be a Synaptics issue. Go into the Synaptics settings dialogue, Click Virtual Scrolling and uncheck the horizontal and vertical boxes.

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