Steam being silly.

  raiton12 21:29 15 Sep 2014

Alright, this site has done good for me in the past so I figure i'll ask you guys. I play many games on steam, but there is 2 particular games that are giving me trouble. The games are space engineers and a recent release called Minimum. About 5-10 minutes into playing it just makes my screens go black and my computer restarts itself, no message or anything. I had a hunch it may be a temperature issue so I downloaded CPUID HWmonitor and nothing went above 70 degrees. I'm thoroughly confused, i've updated my graphics card drivers, directX, and all of my fans are running properly. After shut down the back right side of my tower is very hot, which confuses me because there's nothing near that corner, and there is a fan right next to it that works fine. Even if the fan didn't work, the top has a large grate type piece that would let the heat escape. I also thought it might be a power issue but i've also ruled that out. Any ideas would be lovely!

  wee eddie 22:55 15 Sep 2014

Sounds like your Graphics Card is overheating and cutting out to save itself.

Try cleaning the fins of its heat sink.

  raiton12 23:17 15 Sep 2014

I have done so. I'm going to run the game. I will be back if the problem persists

  raiton12 23:42 15 Sep 2014

Well this time it lasted one and a half games before it happened.

  raiton12 01:58 16 Sep 2014

Alright cleaning my card out and enabling Vsync has stopped it from restarting my pc, now I just get a stoped working message and the program closes. Early access games, lel

  Devil Fish 22:27 16 Sep 2014

Early access games answers your question

early access is a form of crowd sourcing funds and testing stages of development

Generally the games are at alpha or beta testing stage when released on early access and as such these issues need to be reported to the game developer ( info should be found on steam) so they can work on them before final release

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