Startup and Sleep/Shutdown on PC by schedule

  Andy Ward 09:43 27 Feb 2019

Hello. I'm a lifelong mac-user who is slowly migrating to PC (3D design software tilting more and more towards PCs). I use a team rendering element to my software where I can use multiple PCs to render out my images. I can do this down a network. I am going to Spain for a month in August and would like to use the PCs at home to render out my images. To do this I need to use 'AnyDesk' or similar software. However, this will only connect if the PC is already turned on - I don't think I can wake the computer remotely - if I can, then please let me know! Anyway, is there a simple way I can schedule the PCs to wake up at 8:55 every morning then go to sleep at 5:05 every evening so I can connect to them? I'd rather not have to take them all to Spain with me...! Thanks in advance Andy PS - I'm a Mac person so please bear that in mind with the jargon heavy replies!! :)

  Andy Ward 10:15 27 Feb 2019

Hi Keith, no I need advice on the PC way to do it. It's really easy on a mac!

  Andy Ward 13:05 27 Feb 2019

Thanks Keith!

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