Hoima_2 17:54 30 Mar 2012

Hello I have a Pavillion 9250 running Win Vista, problem is once it goes on standby/sleep the computer won't wake up again, once I move the mouse or press the space bar, the CD drive will start to churn (to read) the power light will come on the computer but the computer itself won't, nither will the monitor. So far I have replaced the HD and reinstalled the factory settings, updated HP and Windows, updated the CMOS and the Video driver; any suggestions? Nick

  difarn 21:15 30 Mar 2012

There are several suggestions in this article from HP - have a look and see if there are any that you haven't tried yet.

  Hoima_2 22:51 31 Mar 2012

Thx difarn, but non of that seem to rectify the problem.

  difarn 08:18 01 Apr 2012

Are you saying that this still happens even when you disable the sleep function or are you unable to get your laptop to boot at all? If you are able to boot up do you re-start by pressing and holding down the start button or by a designated keyboard key - some 9250's use the down arrow.

If you haven't been able to get it to boot up but the power light is on - have you accidentally pressed the function key that changes the display to a second monitor? Do you have a second monitor that you could try?

Have you checked the laptop battery? Have you tried taking this out and re-booting using the power cable only then replacing the battery? Or remove all power, battery and AC hold the button down for 30 seconds, plug ac back in and start up.

If you can boot up have you tried shutting down using the normal shut-down function and then re-booting.

  Hoima_2 00:25 10 Apr 2012

It's a desktop Pavillion 9250, all works fine except for when the Computer goes on standby, manually or even by itself, the HD is unable to wake up, when I try to wake it up with the space bar, power button or otherwise, the light on the power button will light up, the CD/DVD will start to read and so on except the HD which won't come ON untill I restart the system.

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