Standard VGA Graphics Adapter uninstall

  O-NO 01:46 20 Apr 2013

How can I uninstall the the Standard VGA Graphics Adapter?

I've uninstalled the drivers but it still shows in Device Manager even though I've disabled it and uninstalled.

PC is working OK with my graphics card but would like to get rid of the Standard VGA one.

Any help greatly appreciated.

  Chronos the 2nd 09:56 20 Apr 2013

And the reason you want to do this is what exactly?

  O-NO 10:37 20 Apr 2013

Hi Chronos the 2nd,

I would just prefer my PCIE graphic card to be shown in Device Manager as it was before.....I had to use the on board one for a short while.

I just can't find away to completely stopping showing in Device Manager.

I can not see anything in Bios either.....Motherboard is ASUS P8Z77-V

  Chronos the 2nd 11:23 20 Apr 2013

But if your graphics card fails then you will not have any graphics to fall back on. Does your GPU not show in in the device manager under display adapters?

Having a look in mine it just shows my GTX 670(Gigabyte Sniper M3) and in my HTPC without a separate GPU it shows Intel HD graphics (Asus P8H61-1 m-itx).

Are your drivers up to date?

  O-NO 11:31 20 Apr 2013

Device Manager shows;

Intel (R)HD Graphics 4000 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670

I have to disable the Intel one or there is no signal to my monitor.

  Chronos the 2nd 11:53 20 Apr 2013

The Intel one should be disabled automatically once the 670 is installed. You are using the latest drivers and not windows update I hope.

Unfortunately I cannot stick a spare GPU into my HTPC as the two I have 4850 and a 4870 I managed to fry whilst messing about a couple of weeks ago and I have yet to replace or rather buy a spare. But I am sure the Asus board did the same and automatically disabled the on-board graphics.

  O-NO 12:05 20 Apr 2013

Yes I'm using NVIDIA drivers that I downloaded.

It's still loosing signal when I have the Intel one enabled. I have to boot into safe mode to disable it.

I've even changed settings in Bios from Auto to PCIe.

Not sure if it's related but I seem to have PCI Bridge missing in Device Manager.

  Chronos the 2nd 12:24 20 Apr 2013

Not sure if it's related but I seem to have PCI Bridge missing in Device Manager.

Under what heading is that? But I do not think it has any bearing on your problem. If you have the motherboard disk then you could install the chipset drivers.

But can I just clarify your problem you have to disable the Intel GPU to enable your GTX 670 to work each time you want to I assume game?

  O-NO 12:39 20 Apr 2013

Well strangely the onboard graphics have dissapeard from Device Manager! Just showing GTX670 as before.

It may have something to do with your post about drivers as they were auto installing when I started PC. I managed to stop this and download latest drivers and many thanks for that.

As for the PCI Bridge missing it's in Device Manager-System devices. Just after PCI Express Root Ports.

I may start a new thread relating to this as my original problem started when installing a GTX690, sound card failed now nothing is recognised in my PCI ports.

Many thanks for your time and help Chronos the 2nd much appreciated

  Chronos the 2nd 13:06 20 Apr 2013

sound card failed now nothing is recognised in my PCI ports.

As my earlier post I would reinstall the Chipset drivers as that should sort the PCI bridge problem.

  O-NO 13:18 20 Apr 2013

Yes I installed from the CD that came with PC and have been on the ASUS download site but still the two PCI ports don't appear to be working.

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