Standard user can allow blocked programs without admin password

  win7blocking 16:08 05 Oct 2013


I set up parental controls on my son's account, and blocked a program. His id is a standard user account.

When he tries to run the program, it displays a message that "Parental Controls has blocked this program" which is good. At the bottom is a link "Ask an administrator for permission". If he clicks that link, there is no password prompt. He gets a popup that says: "Will you allow to run this program?" and he can click "Always Allow" and it will run the program.

Again, he is not an administrator. I tried setting up a new test standard user, and it does the same thing.

I am using Windows Home Premium.

From what I read, there should be a password prompt when he clicks the Ask an administrator link, but there isn't.

Any ideas how to get this to work? Thanks.

  win7blocking 16:51 06 Oct 2013

Update: I tried this on another identical laptop which my other son uses, and it works fine there, so it must be something which was changed on the laptop with the problem but I have no idea what or how to fix it.

  lotvic 19:56 06 Oct 2013

perhaps you should ask your son, he may know more than he is letting on... ;)

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