Speech recognition in Windows 7

  night 18:09 02 Dec 2009

Has anyone got any comments regarding this I wish to use but having problems with configuration in order to use it.

  Billawa 12:20 06 Dec 2009

I am using the Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 programme and have no problems. I upgraded the computer to Windows 7 and all the files were transferred across without any hitches. In the past I have had problems with Via Voice and one other that I cannot recall. However, the Dragon programme worked right from the start. You must spend a little time training it by using the programme's training passages if you want it to perform properly.

Hope this helps. The programme seems to configure itself.

  night 12:34 06 Dec 2009

Many thanks Billawa, for your reply, and note your comments reference Dragon, I am using the Windows Version which responds to me ok but for one thing, the recognizer language must match the the language of the user interface ? this has me stumped as I don't understand how to change it having been to the advanced settings and changed to UK settings, at the moment I dont wish to get Dragon as the Windows 7 speech recognition should work, once again thanks for your reply I guess Windows 7 is so new no one has tried the speech recognition in control panel yet .

  Technocrate 07:44 14 Apr 2010

Set up the Speech Recognition feature by following steps:
1. Firstly, click the Start Speech Recognition link in the Speech Recognition Control Panel window which can opened by selecting Start>Control Panel>Ease of Access>Speech Recognition. Now Windows 7 shows a Welcome to Speech Recognition dialog box.
2. Now click ‘Next’ and then in the Select the Type of Microphone choose the Headset Microphone, Desktop Microphone or Other option.
3. Click ‘Next’ and then bring the microphone connected to your Windows 7 computer or laptop next to your mouth and again click Next in the Set Up Your Microphone dialog box.
4. Now say anything in a normal voice and then, when you finish speaking into the microphone, click ‘Next’.
5. Click ‘Next’ in the ‘Your Microphone Is Now Set Up’ dialog box and choose the ‘Enable Document Review’ option in the ‘Improve Speech Recognition Accuracy’ dialog box and then again click ‘Next’.
The Choose an Activation Mode window appears. By default, Windows Speech Recognition chooses the manual activation mode whereby speech recognition turns off when you say “stop listening” and then must be manually turned ON either by pressing Ctrl+Q on your keyboard or by clicking the Microphone button in the Speech Recognition toolbar. If you choose the Use Voice Activation Mode option then you can reactivate speech recognition easily by saying “start listening” into your microphone.
6. Now to turn on Voice Activation mode, you need to click the ‘Use Voice Activation’ Mode
option button before you click ‘Next’ and the Print the Speech Reference Card window appears. This window has a common Speech Recognition commands which includes such topics as how to choose items on the screen, select commands and dictate text.
7. Click the ‘View Reference Sheet’ button to open a Windows Help and Support window on your Windows 7 computer or laptop.
8. Now click the topics such as Dictation, Punctuation Marks, Common Speech Recognition Commands and Special Characters to show their information. If you want to print any of these expanded help topics then click the Print button on the window’s toolbar.
9. Click the ‘Close’ button which is in the Windows Help and Support window and then click the ‘Next’ button to open the ‘Run Speech Recognition Every Time I Start the Computer’ dialog box.
Windows 7 by default chooses the ‘Run Speech Recognition at Startup’ check box. If you don’t want Windows to automatically start the Speech Recognition feature each time you logon to Windows 7, you need to deselect this check box before you proceed.
10. Now to open the ‘You Can Now Control This Computer By Voice’ dialog box, click the ‘Next’ button.
11. To run the Speech Recognition Tutorial, which is both necessary to train the computer to understand your voice as well as being very good for practice click the ‘Start Tutorial’ button.

For More Information and help related to windows 7 issues click here

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