Spec for a decent speed laptop/pc

  Limubhai 15:41 01 Apr 2018

Hi, I am now tired of being lied to by sellers. So far I have bought 8 laptops and they have all let me down. I have been selling them on for half the price. I need someone’s honest advice. I need a laptop that won’t be expensive as I’m not rich and cannot afford a new one, so will have to settle for a preowned one. Now the question is:- When buying a Laptop/Pc, what should I look out for. I need a PC that will not hang or slow down when I want to do more than one thing and have many windows, programs and stuff open as well as download stuff. I am not new to laptops but don’t have that much knowledge to what to buy and spec.

Your help you be very much appreciated.

Thank you

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:00 01 Apr 2018

This is yourthird thread in three different forums, please tick this one and the one in speaker's corner and stick with the one in the Helproom.

  alanrwood 19:15 01 Apr 2018

Yes I have just posted in the other one. Prease don't confuse us by multiple posts

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