Space is missing from my hard drive

  Ocab19 16:44 05 Jul 2014

OK, so I have a 2TB hard drive (actually 1.81TB) that is almost full. The problem is that I have checked all the folders in the hard drive one by one (including hidden folders and OS folders) and the combined space that they take doesn't even get to 400GB. How can I find what is taking all those remaining 1400GB? (I'm on Windows 7 Home Premium by the way).

Thanks in advance!

  Secret-Squirrel 17:29 05 Jul 2014

TreeSize Free should show you where all your disk space has gone. It's very intuitive, but if need instructions, you'll find them on the "Help & FAQ" tab on that webpage. Be patient though as it could take a while to display the folder trees for a drive with so much data on it.

  rdave13 20:18 05 Jul 2014

As well as Secret-Squirrel's great suggestion there are some types of Windows programs that can cause this. System restore is one. Switch it off, wait a while then switch it on again, click here .

Search for Found.00 files and folders and delete them.

If you don't use hibernation (sleep will still work) then follow the guide here to disable it, click here and scroll down a bit.

Do you have a third party back-up software? Check settings as that type of program can fill your drive if not working properly.

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