Space on hard drive slowly depleting:

  M226M 18:03 19 Aug 2014

Hi everyone,

I have a Toshiba Portage a series laptop. I've owned it since 2011, but since sometime in about 2012, the available free space on the C drive has slowly depleted every day/week. It seems to deplete at about 1 GB per month, Until the computer is borderline unusable. I had to rebuild it in 2013 but it didn't fix the problem. Presently it's blue screening quite frequently - once a month maybe on average, but (touch wood) it's otherwise pretty stable.

Has anyone got experience of / advice on this?



  [DELETED] 18:55 19 Aug 2014

Do you clean the drive i.e. CCleaner click here to remove the rubbish that accumulates over time and occupies space?

  Secret-Squirrel 18:59 19 Aug 2014

TreeSize Free will show you what's gobbling up your hard drive space - like this.

  M226M 19:19 19 Aug 2014

Haven't tried CCleaner, will hit it with that and TreeSize and see what I get back - thanks guys.

  john bunyan 20:22 19 Aug 2014

Using the "Tools", "System restore "in CCleaner you could get rid of some older restore points, leaving 2 or 3.

  M226M 21:20 19 Aug 2014

Hi John - how does that help?

  wee eddie 21:48 19 Aug 2014

I know that this is rather a basic question but, what Security Systems do you have in place?

  M226M 22:33 19 Aug 2014

AVG Internet Security (full suite).

Originally, Windows Security Essentials, but I stopped using it shortly after I got the laptop.

Beyond that, there really isn't anything else that I've used on it.

  wee eddie 00:05 20 Aug 2014

Well, you've got the AntiVirus and Firewall covered, which year's issue?

I would recomend that you use CCleaner Free to rid your system of accumulated Windows Update Files and unwanted Cookies and then Malwarebytes Free to wrinkle out any adware and pups. By the way, the Free one is right down on the bottom left. After that, a thinning of unused software, a quick defrag and I reckon that you'll be back on the road.

  onthelimit1 08:52 20 Aug 2014

It may well be Windows backups that are causing the problem. The prog suggested by SS should show that.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:10 20 Aug 2014

Thanks for the vote of confidence OTL - TreeSize is an excellent tool for troubleshooting situations like this where hard drive space is mysteriously disappearing. Hopefully the OP will return and let us know what he's discovered.

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