SP1 / Drivers - Do I need to upgrade?

  raziel08 10:43 03 Mar 2009

sorry if there is already a thread with a solution to the following problem.

I installed the first sp for vista as soon as it was officailly released (not the betas) in the hopes that it would solve several problems but it only made more. The first was that media player wouldn't function because of the drivers of my graphics card (i updated them to the sp1 compatible drivers and now it all works).

based on this i was wondering if i need to upgrade the drivers for all of the hardware in my acer laptop with those that are for sp1 as there have been several problems with programs not closing down properly, games not working because the sound card wasn't functioning, several network ports not functioning etc.

Below is a link to the acer website for my laptop if it helps.

click here

  Bob The Blob 12:18 03 Mar 2009

Sounds like your best bet would be to reinstall Vista.

  gazzaho 12:24 03 Mar 2009

Installing new drivers isn't always necessary if hardware is working fine, sometimes it can be detrimental to the smooth running of the computer, but it would be the first place to start if you're having hardware problems.

I myself try to keep my computers fully updated as new software, especially games tend to require the latest drivers, especially graphics and sound ones.

Drivers aren't linked to the SP1 update itself, SP1 was a service update for Vista, which corrected a lot of problems Vista users were encountering.

  peter99co 12:57 03 Mar 2009

I had problems with Windows Media player as soon as SP1 was installed and it took ages to fix until the Microsoft Engineer linked me to new Sound Card drivers.

  raziel08 13:14 03 Mar 2009

ok thanks for your help. I have thought about restoring my laptop to factory settings and starting again. but i'm not sure that this would solve the problem. The first thing that i will try is to update all of the hardware that i can get drivers for. Windows media isn't a problem anymore (this was a Nvidia graphic driver error)but as i have said several ports were reported faulty however now vista claims there is no faults.

The only recovery discs that i have is those that i created using the recovery option that comes with an acer laptop.

Would it be worth waiting for sp2 to come out and see if that will solve any of the problems?

  Pine Man 13:19 03 Mar 2009

Did you install the 'fits all' version of SP1 or wait until Windows Update offered you the correct version for your computer?

  gazzaho 15:43 03 Mar 2009

I would try downloading and installing the latest drivers for all your hardware, save all the drivers you can to another drive or DVD media for use if you decide to do a factory restore, that way you don't have to download them all again.

As far as I've read Windows Update only offers SP1 for download if all your hardware drivers are up to date, the problem is that it doesn't tell you what drivers you need to install, it just doesn't offer it at all. If you downloaded and installed the "fits all" version rather than updating through Windows Update then that could be the root of the problems.

If you decide to do a factory restore you should install all updated drivers you can find for your hardware and then try Windows Update for SP1. I also don't think waiting for SP2 will do much good as from what I've read in PC Answers it more or less just tweaks some parts of the system, better search, easier to configure WI-Fi, added support for Bluetooth 2.1 no real hardware related issues fixed though.

  gazzaho 15:44 03 Mar 2009

Sorry PC Answers should read PC Advisor.

  raziel08 18:38 03 Mar 2009

in response to pine man i waited until windows updates offered me the service pack. like i said when i tried to open up media player shortly after it wouldn't because the drivers for the graphics card were incorrect (something like that) so i went and installed the ones from the acer website for sp1 and hey presto it worked again. will install the latest drivers and see if it rectifys the problems. To be honest i don't really want to do a factory restore but if it will get my system working as it should then i will.

  peter99co 20:14 03 Mar 2009

The strange thing about my SP1 problem was that I received SP1 and then had the problem which Microsoft resolved by updating my driver. It was the SP1 update that caused the error.

  raziel08 10:35 04 Mar 2009

maybe it is the service pack that is causing the problems on my system then. I will update the drivers and if that doesn't help then i will have to restore it to the factory settings.

Would i be right in thinking that it will restore the original drivers for all of the hardware which was attached to the laptop?

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