SP1 to break the 4GB limit

  Pine Man 18:28 13 Dec 2007

That would be a good heading if it was true!

I have read several unsubstantiated suggestions that Vista SP1 will allow 4GB RAM to be recognised with 32bit Vista, which it cannot at present.

Can't find anything to support this - has anybody here any information.

  Totally-braindead 19:41 13 Dec 2007

It would be good news for Vista users but I have to say that if Vista was not so memory hungry then so many people would not be trying to get so much memory in their PC.

  Pine Man 19:53 13 Dec 2007

True but RAM is cheap and even though I cannot utilise the full 4GB the results are brilliant IMHO ;-)

  ventanas 09:07 14 Dec 2007

Yep I've got 4Gb as well. At least its using more than if I had just three. The machine is very fast indeed.

  bremner 11:34 15 Dec 2007

Currently Vista reports the amount of RAM that it is able to use, which is around 3GB no matter how much more you actually have. With SP1 it will report the amount of RAM that is actually installed. So Vista knows there is 4GB of RAM in there, but still can't access all of it because of the intrinsic limitations of 32-bit operating systems.

The insurmountable problem is that 32-bit operating systems are limited to accessing around 3GB of RAM maximum because they do not have enough memory addresses to use 4GB of RAM since memory addresses are taken up by things like IRQs, drivers, etc. No matter what 32-bit operating system you install and no matter what hardware you have, you will only be able to use 3GB of RAM.

  crosstrainer 11:38 15 Dec 2007

Missing something...Sp1 will not change the 32 bit addressing of ram. 64 bit version is required to take full advantage of more than 2gb

  Pine Man 11:53 15 Dec 2007

Thanks for that response.

So the rumours are half correct in that Vista will see it but still won't be able to use it.

Thanks everybody for your input.

  anskyber 13:54 15 Dec 2007

Vista 32 bit versions have a 4 gig limit now not 2 Gig.

People with 4 Gigs of RAM will not see it all however because the 4 Gig limit includes all installed memory such as video cards, so for example a 512 Mb card will be deducted from the 4 Gigs "allowance"

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