Sound problem with Win 7

  Legolas 19:04 16 Jan 2009

I have come across my first real problem with Win 7. In any app I use including games, the sound control dial on my laptop does not turn the volume up or down. I can only control the volume within the programme I am in at the time. Anyone found the same problem.

  rossgolf 23:53 16 Jan 2009

isnt that due to seperate hotkey drivers for the volume up/down to work?

  Legolas 14:13 18 Jan 2009

To be honest I am not sure I know what you mean. In XP the volume control on my Laptop turns the volume up/down in any programme that has sound ie WMP or within games. In Win 7 I can only control the sound using the controls within the programme. I have updated the sound drivers with no effect.

  anskyber 14:26 18 Jan 2009

Tried mine from the "speakers" icon in the notification area, it controls sound.

Have you tried updating sound drivers?

  Chegs ®™ 14:38 18 Jan 2009

Quite possibly your problem is caused by missing "Easy Access Key" drivers.My Laptop has the same problem and I intend having a long look round HP site for these "drivers".

  Legolas 15:25 18 Jan 2009

anskyber the sound can be controlled using the taslbar sound icon

  Legolas 15:29 18 Jan 2009

Sorry had not I was saying...the sound can be controlled using the taskbar sound icon but not the actual Laptop volume dial.

Chegs ®™
I will have a look on the Fujitsu Siemens website for "Easy Access Key" drivers. Thanks for the replies.

  crosstrainer 11:38 22 Jan 2009

My sound control applet installed ok, but gives no control over anything....It's listed as a compatibility issue (AC 97 chip)

The sound works ok, although I though it wasn't until I fired up Doom3 and got blown halfway across the room (had the master volumes on my speaker system set to max!) They had exactly the same issues with this sound chip in Vista....Took them ages to sort it out, seems that one lesson still has not been learned.

  Legolas 19:11 22 Jan 2009

Thanks for the info. It looks like I will just have to wait...after all it is a beta, although if the problem persisted in the full version I would not use it.

  Legolas 19:11 26 Jan 2009

Its not resolved but I will tick

  corporal53 17:35 09 Feb 2009

I have been looking at Windows 7 and I find it pretty good with exception of my sound it is broken and dragging and not sure how to solve the problem, it does not matter what media player I try it is always the same. Can anyone help please.

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