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SOS for OS install questions

  Free Fall 17:53 27 Sep 2016


I would like to try and do something I have never done before, and could sure use some support and guidance. I would like to upgrade my factory installed Vista to Windows Seven. I plan to purchase a new, complete, retail copy of a 32 bit W7 progam on Ebay with the product key, to install in my Dell Dimension E521.

My plans are to save all important files onto a CD Rom prior to doing anything else.

Here is what I am unsure of:

Do I remove all Vista programs from my computer before I install, or will the new program do that for me?

Do I need any addition software or devise so on to install W7?

Is there anything I need to know/do before I try this, other than what I have already mentioned?

I will greatly appreciate any and all input.


  xania 16:11 28 Sep 2016

First you should check to ensure your PC is capable of running Windows 7. Go to

click here download and run the check software.

Before you start installing Windows 7, ensure that you have backed up all your data and that you have all your software DVDs, printer and other hardware drivers etc. as you will need these after the installation is complete.

When you run the Windows 7 install, unless you tell it otherwise, it will completely wipe your existing C: drive before starting the install - the alternative to this is possible but I would not recommend you try it.


  hadegre25 18:17 28 Sep 2016

I had the same issues, I hope you will solve it.

  Burn-it 18:47 28 Sep 2016

Also go to the Dell support site and download all the Windows 7 drivers for your machine ans save them to a USB so you have them ready when you upgrade.

  Free Fall 20:56 28 Sep 2016

I have to say, I joined this forum looking for help and support, and found plenty of both. You guys are great.

Here is where I'm at:

Following the advice of xania I downloaded a Windows Seven Upgrade advisor. Everything checked out for a 32 bit install, but it was noted I was lacking enough RAM for the 64 bit. Glad I checked first, and thank you xania.

Like TrashZone, I discovered that Newegg was out of stock on 32 bit, so I went shopping and located this click here anyone sees a problem with this program, I'll make the purchase later tonight.

I also followed Burn-it's suggestion to download from Dell all the windows drivers onto an USB.

On the subject of drivers, I checked my old WorksSuite box and all the drivers and disks for Vista are there. Two years ago, after a system crash, one of the techs where I work installed a new, larger capacity hard drive for me. When I went to re-load Vista with the new drive it would not take. I got a MS warning that I was using an illegal copy. I contacted MS and explained what had happened, and was given a reactivation code for the program, which, I was told, would work anytime I might needed to once again re-install. Hanging on to or transferring Vista should should not be a problem should I decide to.

I also found all the install discs and drivers for the devices I use.

Following AddRam's advice I downloaded and saved to disc the Partition Wizard Boot. I also located and bookmarked the link for the MajorGeeks Download Double Driver provided by SIW2.

Tonight I'm planing to save all my files to a brand new USB.

Thanks to everyone's help, I'm feeling pretty confident right now that I can achieve what I had planned do.

My one concern though is something xania noted... "When you run the Windows 7 install, unless you tell it otherwise, it will completely wipe your existing C: drive before starting the install - the alternative to this is possible but I would not recommend you try it."

This sounds a bit ominous. Is having a wipe of my C: drive a good thing, or should I tell it not to?

Seriously, I don't have a clue.


  xania 10:38 29 Sep 2016

No - tell it to wipe the entire C: drive is essential to a clean installation and, once you have done all the other things we have advised, you will be safe to go ahead.

  Burn-it 15:14 29 Sep 2016

Make sure you have used something like the free Belarc Advisor that will extract the serial numbers and keys for all your installed software that you will need if you paid for it and intend re-installing. You should also make sure you have save all personal information elsewhere as well.

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