Sont VAIO laptop on Windows 8 can't change brightness

  drperry 22:27 28 Dec 2012

I have a Sony VAIO VPCS11X9E and my screen brightness is at the lowest setting for some reason. Also, my FN keys for the brightness setting won't work. Any means of changing the brightness does not work, this does include the brightness bar when you go into settings.

I have tried so many driver installs, checked for any missing drivers or out of date drivers, but the only one that seems out of date is my Intel HD graphics which I HAVE updated, yet the Intel driver update checker says otherwise.

I have disabled AND enabled (just in case) the adaptive brightness, but it does NOT work.

I did have Windows 7 Ultimate running on before but decided to upgrade to Windows 8. Windows 7 never had any issues with brightness. Also when I load up, even thought I have replaced Windows 7 with Windows 8, it still loads up the dual boot screen asking me which OS I want to boot with. Booting with Windows 7 will blackout a few times then it will take me to the VAIO repair system. Windows 8 obviously takes me to Windows 8.

When the laptop boots up, the large letters or 'VAIO' are bright and normal and sometimes, but not always, when it gets to the dual boot screen, the brightness is normal. However, when this does happen, as soon as I move the mouse or click a button, the brightness immediately goes back down to very dim.

When it loads up into any other system or boot program the brightness is fine. For example when I go into Sony VAIO's recovery center, the brightness is ok. Also, if I boot into something like miniXP or a separate OS on a bootable disk or USB, the brightness is fine as well.

I have tried many driver fixes, but NONE of them work!! I have tried booting up into safe mode and trying to manually install certain drivers because that apparently works, but it does not make any difference at all.

If you could help me , even if it doesn't work, I would greatly appreciate it!! Many thanks.

  drperry 23:50 28 Dec 2012

No, this did not work.

I'm looking at this FAQ you have provided from Sony and my model (VPCS11X9E) is not supported. I also cannot find where I can buy/download this, could you perhaps provide a link please?


  drperry 00:47 06 Jan 2013

My laptop isn't supported. Is there nothing else I can do?

  drperry 11:59 07 Jan 2013

This doesn't really help me too much. Although surprisingly it DOES work, it doesn't work to the extent I was hoping my it would. It simply just increases the gamma and colour variations in the screen, which can also be changed in the Intel Graphics Control Centre that's for some reason permanently stuck on my laptop. It doesn't actually change the 'brightness'.

When I load up into the dual boot screen where I can select my OS, before I click any buttons or do anything, the brightness is at it's brightest, but when I click or hit enter or any other button, the brightness drops. Does this not give any indication to something or someone? Does nobody have a link to any drivers I can get to resolve this? The brightness is clearly working, it's just not staying on!

The screen lighter will have to do for now, until I can actually get this fixed. It is a little bit annoying to have everything so bright colour wise.

  drperry 16:07 09 Jan 2013


  toho 09:47 17 Feb 2013


in Vaio Control Center>Image Quality, have you tried disabling 'Display Brightness'. it adjusts the display brightness according to the ambient brightness and may be what is messing with your display settings?


  Pandahaze 03:14 22 Feb 2013

I am having the same problem with my Vaio. The brightness will not stay on, no matter how many times I go into the control panel and try to fix it. Most annoying thing EVER!


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