some web pages not fully opening

  DAKAR 18:26 06 Mar 2014

Hi All I hope someone can help me sort a very annoying problem,when I click on some shortcuts including PCA on my desktop the window opens only showing the top left hand side of the screen(about the size of the APPs Tiles)this only happens to 2 or 3 shortcuts,Now I don't know if I have done something while I was downloading and opening some music Zip files and I had to change the default "open with"programme. When I went to open PCA the window was small and I had to click on it to open,when it did there was a car advert running behind the open page. I hope this is making sense. Thanks for any help Regards Dakar Windows 8.1

  DAKAR 17:43 07 Mar 2014

Hi Protectandaccess My connection speed and this is connecting wirelessly and not by Ethernet cable is 29.7Mb and upload is 6.92 I am sorry I don't understand are to telling me to delete history and cookies from my browser? or asking me if I have deleted them? As I said in my post there are only about 3 web pages that don't open properly the rest are no trouble all open fully. Regards Dakar

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