Software made obsolete by Windows 7

  keithpld 16:04 10 Aug 2011

I have what I guess is now a pretty old Western Digital External Hard Drive (WD800B015) which worked fine on Windows XP, but the Retrospect 6.5 software that cam with it no longer works in Windows 7 (neither does my Oki B2200 printer or a Dell 924 all in one printer). Is there anywhere I can get drivers to suit or do I have to ditch the lot! I have searched the web with no success as yet.


  john bunyan 16:31 10 Aug 2011

W 7 comes with its own back up system so you should be able to use your external HD with that, or Acronis which I prefer. I believe Retrospect is a back up system? For data (as opposed to system) back up you could use Free SynchToy or Freefilesynch. Not sure re printers.

  keithpld 16:59 10 Aug 2011

Thanks - I'm still discovering facets of Windows 7 I didn't know existed!

The advantage of the Western Digital/Retrospect system was that after the initial backup it could be scheduled to daily backup only those files which had changed since the last backup. Is there any similar software out there that will do the same with a Windows 7 based system?


  john bunyan 20:47 10 Aug 2011

For data files (not system) I suggest you group into a folder (I use "My Documents" where all my music, word, photos, Outlook are in sub folders are kept) THen I have a similarly named file in the other HD and use Freefilesynch (see Google) to make a mirror image regularly. Symchtoy does a similar job. Both only synch changed files. For system I use Acronis but W7 has its own backup, but I prefer Acronis.

  smurf46 19:17 11 Aug 2011

A quick google and -

Oki B2200 driver - just select your version of Win7 32/64 bit and language preference :)

Dell all in one 924 -

Unfortunately Dell only show a driver for Vista 32bit! I'm not sure if that will work for Win7 64bit in compatability mode but may be worth a try :)

Compatability Mode -

Hope this helps.

NOTE - make a system restore point before trying these drivers, makes for easy roll back should they cause issues :)

  LANDCRUISER 00:52 23 Aug 2011

CLICKFREE best back up system buy at QVC UK.COM ,just plug it in & it will do complte system & program backup & all personal data

  Strawballs 20:33 27 Aug 2011

My 73 year old mum uses clickfree on windows 7 and I must admit it is very good and I think she got it from QVC

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