Small niggles ...

  Technotiger 09:34 16 Apr 2009

Well I have finally done it - upgraded to Vista Home Premium from XP, hope I haven't shot myself in the foot :-)

I started yesterday at 2pm, by 0300 today I have more or less done - ran a driver update program and downloaded/installed sixteen latest drivers, spent hours tweaking this and that, tried out FSX Deluxe with grreat results, and lots more besides - Phew, that was a marathon! For familiarity purposes I have kept my XP 'look', all running well, but for two little niggles which I am hoping you can help me to solve.

1. When starting Firefox, I also have to click on a Java window in order to be able to continue. Anyway I can prevent this Java thingy?

2. When starting up and when closing down, a small square window appears with just one word in it "fAIL" (exactly as shown but without the quotes), the window has the usual red X close button and an OK button - nothing else. No indication of what, if anything, has failed. Closing the window does not cause anything to happen. Everything is still running as normal, with no actual problems! Anyway to get rid of this second little niggle?

Any help will be grreatly appreciated.

One other point - any comments re UAC - to keep, or to disabled??

Thanks for reading this far ...... TT

  Esc4p3 10:04 16 Apr 2009

Don't know about points 1 & 2, but for UAC I have left it on. It only pops up when I install some software or when I run Windows Update, so it does not bother me that much. Others may not agree though!

Glad it seems to have gone well for you though!

  Technotiger 10:06 16 Apr 2009

Cheers - thanks for your input, all comments welcome.

  rdave13 10:20 16 Apr 2009

About no. 2 I'd have a look in event viewer. In the start/search box type 'eve'(no quotes), should show what's failing.

  Technotiger 10:36 16 Apr 2009

Hi, had a look, don't understand it all but, I think I have tracked it down to AVG8 (though I could be wrong). AVG is all working correctly, so I will give Vista a chance for a few days before making any alterations.

Cheers ......

  brundle 10:49 16 Apr 2009

Don't disable UAC, it provides more protection than is immediately apparent.

Here are some tips; click here

And some tools to tone it down a bit;

Norton UAC; click here
TweakUAC; click here

  rdave13 10:50 16 Apr 2009

Yes it's different to XP's event viewer but worth while to study it when you have the time. I was thinking on the lines of something like a card reader driver. Anyway, congrats on your marathon upgrade by the way.

  brundle 10:51 16 Apr 2009

And remove Java if you have it installed, I doubt you'll miss it unless you visit speedtest sites or play online games, and there are non Java based speedtest sites anyway.

  brundle 10:54 16 Apr 2009

For the "fail" message, download and run Process Explorer, when the message appears drag the target icon from the ProcessExplorer window over the "fail" message window to highlight the process responsible. click here

  Technotiger 11:50 16 Apr 2009

rdave13 ... thanks again, yes I will study EV during some of my quiet moments, of which I have a few.

brundle ... thanks for all your suggestions, quite a bit there to read through. I have installed Process Explorer and will do as you suggest next time I close-down and again next time I start up, which is when this annoyance appears. Not so sure about removing Java though, seems it is used quite a lot in Firefox and various other applications.

Will keep you all informed of any progress, but not intending to make any great changes until Vista has had a reasonable run and settled down a bit.

  brundle 12:04 16 Apr 2009

Java is not the same thing as Javascript if that's what you mean; click here

Javascript is used almost everywhere, Java isn't

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