Slower Broadband speeds after updates

  HHGTTG 08:53 08 Jun 2014

This could be a long story but I will make it brief. I have two laptops running Win 7 and which I use alternate months. Another older laptop was bought many years ago, with Vista installed and I now use this to 'experiment' upon as I am too nervous doing things on my everday ones. I got the Vista one up and going again last year for my sister but she never uses it and so this week thought I would mess around with it. I checked its WiFi BB speeds and got almost 16Mbps from it (same as the other two). I then decided to upgrade IE8 to IE9 but couldn't as SP1 was not on it. This I duly did but was then told I need SP2 on it which I duly did and all went to completion and so was able then to upgrade to IE9. I then checked the BB speeds but but found it to be lower now with about 10Mbps being about the max I could get - no big deal really, though. I therefore installed the latest WiFi network drivers but it hasn't really made any difference. Can anyone explain why there should be this variation on this laptop?

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