Slow Windows 7 PC

  ivesy 16:54 08 Feb 2010

I 'upgraded' from a Dual Core Pentium D PC with 2GB RAM Running XP to a Dual Core E5300 at 2.6Mhz with 4GB RAM and WIndows 7 64 Bit.

I noticed when I was burning a CD the whole PC seemed to slow down while this was happening. If I wanted to view pages on the internet the pages wouldn't load until the disk was finished.

This was a problem I never had with my previous PC.

I noted the WEI mark as 5.8 the lowest being the Hard Drive.

I decided to do a clean install of Windows 7 and see if that made any difference.

Once re-installed i ran the WEI and got 3.9! this time.

The score was based on the CPU score. I also noticed the memory score had dropped to 4.8.

The PC is still running slow when running more than one application.

I just think it's strange I'm using a more powerful PC than the one I had but appear to be unable to utilise it in atleast the same way.

Does anyone have any ideas what's up here?


  JohnWilliams 17:00 09 Feb 2010

Sounds like you haven't installed all the correct drivers for your motherboard and components.
Check your motherboard makers website and download the latest ones.

  sunnystaines 09:39 10 Feb 2010

hard drive may be failing result in slowing pc

  ivesy 17:27 10 Feb 2010

Hi thanks for the replies.

I'll try the motherboard drivers. The PC came with a disk containing drivers for the motherboard but the program to install them doesn't seem to work on WIndows 7. I put the same disk in similair PC running XP and the program runs fine. I assumed as WIndows 7 found the drivers for you this would not be a problem.

I've tested the drive and that seems to fine when I've ran programs to test it.

Thanks I'll give the motherboard drivers a go and see if that works

  seefuu1 05:33 12 Feb 2010

Go to start and in the search box, type in disk ,in the list that comes up,click on disk defragmenter .

Turn off scheduled defragmentation,something which has been know to slow windows 7 pcs' down .

  seefuu1 05:39 12 Feb 2010

If you still have no joy,i'd advise you go to the best place anyone can go for any windows 7 help , click here

They have some very indepth tutorials on just about everything and the 1 to 1 help is dot on.

  seefuu1 05:42 12 Feb 2010

Try the maintenance section .

  ivesy 09:29 13 Feb 2010


I've turned disk defrag off.

I've also updated the BIOS. I've contacted the FOXCONN and I'm awaiting a reply.

I just think it's weird that when I'm burning a disk I can't even open IE8 or Firefox until it's stopped burning. When I run task manager it shows CPU usage at about 10-15% and memory is around a 1GB.

I'll have a look in the maintenanace section.

Thanks for the help

  961 18:44 13 Feb 2010

Have you checked if you have 2 lots of security running?

I had similar problems and found that, by default, the windows defender stuff was running as well as the security suite I had installed myself

After turning one off the thing speeded up no end

  ivesy 19:27 13 Feb 2010

I have Norton 360 and Windows defender is off.

To be honest I'm seriously considering getting Windows XP!

My Parents have virtually the same PC as me and it runs fine under XP.

  Technocrate 12:00 02 Mar 2010

I would recommend you the below methods:

Method 1:

Boot the computer in safe mode and check if the computer performance has improved. These options load a minimal set of drivers. You can use these options to start Windows. Steps to boot the computer in safe mode environment are

iRestart the computer

iiStart tapping F8 key

iii.You will get advanced boot option window

iv.Using the arrow key select the option “Safe mode”

Method 2:

If the performance has improved then some third party software might be causing the issue, boot the computer in clean boot and check which third party software is causing the problem. To help troubleshoot error messages and other issues, you can start Windows 7 by using a minimal set of drivers and startup programs. This kind of startup is known as a "clean boot." A clean boot helps eliminate software conflicts.

Steps to perform clean boot and check if you have the issue.

i.Click Start, type msconfig in the Start Search box, and then press ENTER.

ii.If you are prompted for an administrator password or for a confirmation, type the password, or click Continue.

iii.On the General tab, click Selective Startup.

iv.Under Selective Startup, click to clear the Load Startup Items check box.

v.Click the Services tab, click to select the Hide All Microsoft Services check box, and then click Disable All.

vi.Click OK.

vii.When you are prompted, click Restart.

viii.After the computer starts, check whether the problem is resolved.

For More Information and help related to windows 7 issues click here

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