Slow Windows 7

  ronec 13:32 03 Feb 2011

I bought a new Toshiba Satellite Pro C650 for my wife for Christmas. It is running Windows 7 Home Premium.
I use Vista Home Premium on my Acer. My wife's computer is much slower on 7 than my Vista. Just a simple thing like clicking a new tab an take three seconds to open it. Whereas my Vista is instant when I click a new tab. Is there something I can tweek to speed it up? The Tosh' only has 1GB of RAM, could that be causing it to be slow. She has no programs on the computer other than what it came installed with, which is endless amounts of Toshiba stuff.

  a member 14:42 03 Feb 2011

no surprise its slow ,the minimum reccomended RAM for windows 7 is 2gb .
one thing I hate about buying a preinstalled system is all the maker related stuff they dump on the hard drive . if it were mine I would find out if the mainboard will accomadate extra ram and uprgade it . and uninstall any so-called apps or tweaks that bear the makers name.also, most preinstaled systems come with free antivirus , often norton or mcafee , with a limited use licience . if it were mine I would uninstall that too , and install microsoft security essentials .(its free) and not as invasive as some of the others .and works alongside windows firewall ,defender and antimalware programs while using very little system resources .
yep ,thats what I would do ,but thats just me....

  ronec 17:25 03 Feb 2011

Hi merlinx. I thought of installing more ram. It will accommodate 4gb, but I think probably another 1gb should do her, as she only uses it for browsing.
I will dump all related Tosh' stuff as well, I have already stopped some from the start menu.Thanks for you help.

  HondaMan 09:50 08 Feb 2011

Don't stint on the ram. It's cheap enough. Bear in mind that 2GB is the **MINIMUM**!

  Jwbjnwolf 16:40 12 Feb 2011

You should moan to Toshiba as it is their fault for not making it the right specs for win 7.
I am guessing that it is still in warranty as it must be only about 2 months since you bought it, so see if Toshiba will give a deal on upgrading the ram(if not a free upgrade) as if you upgrade it yourself, it will void the warranty.
Like I said, it is their mistake.

  a member 17:53 12 Feb 2011

utter nonsense to blame Toshiba ,its not their mistake ,they build computers to a price ,more and more customers want sub £300 PCs and laptops . the customer should at least have the intellegence to read the specs ,that have to be on the outer packaging (by law) .
If a machine genuinely breaks or develops a fault then ,yes , complain to the company by all means ,but its not on to complain just because you buy a laptop ,then 2 months later decide its too slow because the specs are too low.
the OP seems fully aware that the machine had low specs and was just asking advice on how to improve speed . and not complain about the purchase.
There are various different versions of windows 7 starting at starter ,that will apparently run on 1gig of ram .though its obviousely not going to be as quick as home premium with 4gig of ram.
If a customer does not know ,then ask a friend (not the dealer) what sort of spec they should be looking for.

  Jwbjnwolf 19:05 12 Feb 2011

seeing what you said, I guess it were not appropriate.
Sorry Toshiba!
but I cannot understand why Toshiba did not use starter rather than home premium.

  Jwbjnwolf 19:10 12 Feb 2011

Why do a lot of you do a space and then comma and then the next word without a space?
"i like apples ,bananas..."
rather than:
"i like apples, bananas..."
I have noticed that it is not just you merlinx who do it regularly.

  a member 21:47 12 Feb 2011

probably for the same reason I often write "hte" instead of "the" ,I am dislexic and sometimes I write a whole page or article and when I check it I find lots of typos, this website does not allow us to edit our posts once posted so I occasionally forget to check and cannot put the error right.
If you ever see my posts on other websites I do a lot of editing.
I noticed the original poster said he purchased a laptop and it was running windows 7 home premium,he did not actually say it came with home premium, maybe he installed it himself ,but either way ,it would be terribly slow with only 1gig of RAM ,and toshiba should certainly have not built it to that spec .RAM is quite cheap and the difference between 1 and 2 gigs is just a few bob these days.
its sad ,but peoples demands for cheaper and cheaper PCs, have created a market in which the main manufacturers are fighting to keep afloat and using cheaper materials and skimping to keep costs down to squeeze a profit ,laptops all still look as cool as ever ,but under the hood ,they are increasingly failing to meet demands ,because of lower quality and specs.

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