slow startup on new Dell 660

  rogerkenneth 15:36 12 Dec 2012

I have just installed a new Dell 660 desktop, everything is fine bar the boot time,when starting the Dell sign comes up with the blue bar, as it reaches halfway it freezes for about 1 to 2 minutes, at the same time there are two notes saying f2 and f12, when the blue line is complete the next page shows and asks me to choice, on pressing enter up comes W7 and everything runs okay. As i have only basic knowledge of computing i would be most grateful if any answers be put in simple language, i am now using DVI instead of VGA that is the only change i have made from my old desktop,but i do not think there is a connection with my problem. Many Thanks Roger.

  Forum Editor 17:48 12 Dec 2012

I'm assuming you bought this computer with Windows7 pre-installed. If that's the case there is something wrong - a new machine shouldn't lock halfway through the boot process.

The message that you can press F2 to enter Setup or F12 for the boot menu is a standard one - it appears on all computers during the Power On Self Test (POST) process that all computers go through.

My guess is that your computer's boot order might be set to boot the machine from the CD drive. That's very unusual in a new machine, and before we go any further please confirm that it is new. There are some steps that we can take you through to rectify the problem, if it's what I think it is, but confirm that information for me first.

  rogerkenneth 18:23 12 Dec 2012

Thanks for your help and i am glad to say that the first update solved the problem, now a very fast start up.

  deedeedee 01:29 08 Jan 2013

I have a new Dell Inspiron 660 computer too, just put it into operation 2 days ago and it takes FOREVER to start up. I seem to be increasingly dumb about how to fix these things, so can anyone give me some pointers?

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