Slow start ups

  ethan1 11:32 11 Nov 2009

I have just upgraded from Vista to Windows 7, although every thing is working fine the start up is very slow, in Vista the computer would start up in 30 seconds, with Windows 7 it takes nearly 3 minuets, any ideas please

  gigagiggles 12:56 11 Nov 2009

very likely incompatibility issues. a visit to the event viewer will probably reveal a slew of errors generated during startup.

was the upgrade "clean" or on top of vista? software and hardware drivers may need to be updated.

  kristain 10:54 13 Dec 2010

Step 1
First step to fix Windows 7 slow startup is to find out what programs are loading when you startup Windows 7. To do this click start, run, then type in msconfig and hit enter. Look at the Boot.ini tab. In the box labeled Timeout change the time from the default 30 to 3. This changes how long it waits to before booting.

Step 2
While you are there click on the tab labeled startup. This shows you what programs Windows 7 startup is loading. Unclick any of the boxes that you do not need to have running all the time. This can greatly fix Windows 7 slow startup by not having to wait for so many programs to load every time.

Step 3
Go to and download a free registry cleaner. Find a popular one with good reviews. Regclean is pretty popular one that I have found to be effective. (Always backup your registry before you do anything to change it.) This is a registry cleaner that will remove old code from the registry that is no longer needed. These are usually left overs from programs that have been uninstalled.

Step 4
Add more RAM. This is one of the most basic reason why any system is slow, because of lack of memory. Add more RAM and you will increase the speed on everything.

Step 5
There are my tips to fix Windows 7 slow startup. There are other things you can do, most require a lot of work and knowledge and could cause you a lot of problems if done incorrectly.

click here

  a member 13:00 13 Dec 2010

registry cleaners can cause more trouble than the worth of it if you simply go through the motins with them ,if you go down that road ,at least create a backup of your registry first ,I have had to (fix) a few computers after users have run a registry cleaner and ended up with catastrophic problems .
also I would remind the above poster Kristain that direct links to ones own site is tantamount to spam .

  QuizMan 09:59 14 Dec 2010

A recent edition of PCA recommended using Soluto click here. It is free.

I have used it and reduced my boot times by a few more seconds (that is not a lot, but I was already reasonably happy with what was loading at startup). Soluto did reveal some applications that were running at switch-on, but were not showing up in places such as msconfig. The program gives you 3 choices, firstly to cancel it, secondly to delay it and lastly to do nothing. It also shows how much time each application start-up took so you know what to expect in improved performance.

  maghemite 13:20 17 Dec 2010

If you upgraded instead of a clean install, the filesystem may be quite fragmented due to the creation and deletion of thousands of temporary files. Definitely do a defrag to tidy up the disk and improve bootup times.

You should also check all the drivers and reinstall them if necessary; some older drivers for Vista may not work well under Windows 7. So reinstallation of the chipset, graphics, network card and sound drivers (and other components if necessary) with the latest versions may be required.

In any case, a clean install is always far preferable to an upgrade. OS upgrades invariably lead to some funny issue or the other, down the road.

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