Slow Shutdown in Windows 10

  Ron119 17:09 11 Mar 2018

I use my laptop for the entire day and shut it down late at night. The LED lights continue to stay even after I shut down. Seems like the hardware continues to work too. It takes more than the usual time required for shutting down a laptop. I also looked up for help in the windows site but nothing really helped me out. Is there any fix for the issue?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:09 11 Mar 2018

Sounds more like you are putting it to sleep rather than shutdown.

Check your power option settings.

Also have a read click here

  Ron119 12:33 12 Mar 2018

No, I know the difference between putting it to sleep and shutting it down. I am shutting it down and this issue is coming up.!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:26 12 Mar 2018

I susect you do but did you read the link I posted?

  Secret-Squirrel 18:17 12 Mar 2018

The LED lights continue to stay even after I shut down. Seems like the hardware continues to work too.

That's normal behaviour for Windows 10. It's a smoke-and-mirrors type illusion to make the user think that Windows has shutdown quickly. It is in fact still shutting down long after the screen has gone black.

If you're still concerned that your laptop is taking too long to shutdown fully then the Windows Event Viewer's performance diagnostics section is the best place to look as it frequently names the culprit responsible. When you know its name then you can do something to fix it.

  Secret-Squirrel 18:19 12 Mar 2018

...........and here's a link for the Event Viewer thingy I mentioned..

  monkeyk 19:18 15 Mar 2018

Turnoff some software run background with taskmanger

  Flak999 13:57 19 Mar 2018

Is there any benefit (other than a fast start up) of letting Windows 10 do a fast shut down? I noticed that after the latest Windows updates Windows needed a full restart before the updates would work properly.

Using the info in Fruit Bats link to force Win 10 to shut down completely is by far the safest way to go.

Thoughts anyone?

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