slow laptop running windows 10 home

  chrisearney2379 23:57 06 Jan 2017

hi, my laptop is running very slow, I downloaded winthruster which scanned my system and said there 365 errors in different areas. I need to pay £22 to use to software to fix the errors. can anyone tell me if this will work or if there is a better way to fix my system?

  wee eddie 00:19 07 Jan 2017

Do not give them your Card details. This is a scam

  wee eddie 00:21 07 Jan 2017

If you have given them your details change your password NOW!

  wee eddie 00:23 07 Jan 2017

I am driving my Taxi now so can't give you links but CCleaner and Malwearbytes are a good FREE start

  chrisearney2379 01:16 07 Jan 2017

thanks for the warning wee eddie, ill check out your suggestions now

  wee eddie 03:47 07 Jan 2017

Just got home. If you gave them your Card Details, cancel it ASAP

  MLA2000 16:57 07 Jan 2017

To clean up a Windows 10 PC, follow these steps. 1) Install Malwarebytes v3 and scan. 2) Download, install and run both CCleaner and Defraggler. Select the "Clean" and "defrag" options in each program (Defraggler will take some time) 3) Download "Junkware removal tool" to target unwanted programs clogging up resources

4) Run iObit uninstaller and using the "batch uninstall" option check programs you are not using.

5) If you're using Firefox or Chrome, refresh by following these instructions (FF) or these (Chrome). Only do this if browsing the internet is slow, this will restore settings to the defaults as if the browsers were just downloaded and installed, and will remove any extensions hiding in the background.

  Forum Editor 17:10 07 Jan 2017


Win dows 10 has its own built-in defragging tool - you don't need to install third-party software.

CCleaner has an excellent uninstaller - there's no need to install additional software for that. You can also uninstall applications from Windows 10's control panel.

Neither do you need to install Malwarebytes Junk removal tool - that's what you have CCleaner for.

Finally, please don't link directly to .exe downloads - link instead to the homepage of the application concerned. Providing people with a link that starts an automatic download as soon as you click on it is not acceptable, for obvious security reasons.

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