Slow AMD Radeon HD 5450 graphics card

  Novice Trevor 10:23 24 Aug 2012

Hi, The performance scores on my less than 2 year old computer are :- Processor & memory, both 7.3 Graphics 4.6 gaming 6.1 and hard disk 5.9. I have tried AMD for help with the poor graphics score, they suggested downloading their latest Catalyst driver suite. I followed their instructions to the letter and, no change. They now suggest that I upgrade to their Firepro range. As a pensioner, I never intend to play games on my computer, but do intend to try and record the family's life in photo slide shows and video, so only need the graphics side of the graphics card to work well. As I seem to have a slow card, I thought I'd go up on the internet and buy a faster one for £50 approx. (I want an AMD/ATI card, as I have an AMD Athlon quad core processor.) Trouble is all the review sites only deal with the gaming speeds of the cards, not the side I would use for video editing. So can anyone tell me, or guide me towards a web site that can, how to choose a reasonably good compatible graphics card that is geared towards video and photo editing? Or indeed trying to up the graphics speed of my present card.

  KRONOS the First 15:01 24 Aug 2012

Having an AMD processor has absolutely no bearing on what graphics card you can install.

Any GPU with a minimum of 1GB of memory will be fine but a graphics cards is primarily to improve what you see on the monitor, and not what's going on within the computer. Your processor will be doing all the work,trancoding from one video format to another etc. Interestingly, with dual processors (and presumably quads), only one processor is normally used /unless/ the in-use application is specifically re-written to make use of the extra processor(s).

  ams4127 17:45 24 Aug 2012

You have something wrong with your graphic card setup. I have an older card (Radeon 4890) and my WEI score is 7.6.

Your card should handle video editing without any trouble.

Suggest updating the Catalyst Control Panel and drivers.

  KRONOS the First 18:21 24 Aug 2012

The 4890 is a far better card than the 5450. Click Here.

  ams4127 20:37 24 Aug 2012


Thank you for that amazing information! There's life left in the old card yet!

  rdave13 23:00 24 Aug 2012

Surprising how numbers are used to identify graphics cards and people think the higher the number then the better the card. Always research the capabilities of each card and the cost of course.

  Zeppelyn 15:02 26 Aug 2012

I have the same card and do quite a bit of photo editing plus use Windows Movie Maker quite a bit and the card is perfectly adequate, I wouldnt say its slow. I never look at WEI scores, pretty pointless feature really.

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