Sleep button in Vista not puting PC to sleep

  tufti 12:28 21 Mar 2009

In the past when I pressed the sleep button on my keyboard the PC would shut down and the power light would flash on and off.
The monitor would also shut down and go to power save mode.

Now for some reason only the monitor goes to sleep and the PC keeps running.

Did a search but couldn't find anything similar.

Anyone had the same problem?

Thanks, Tufti

  mocha 05:47 22 Mar 2009

Hi tufti,

Go to Control Panel>Power Options>Choose What The Power Buttons Do. and make sure that the action for 'When I press the sleep button:' is set to sleep for both 'On battery' and 'Plugged in'. Next Go to Control Panel>Power Options>Change when computer sleeps>Change advanced power settings. and make sure the power plan that your computer is running at the time eg. High Performance (Active).>Power buttons and Lid>Sleep button action. Has 'on battery' sleep and 'plugged in' sleep set for your computers ACTIVE power plan.

  tufti 10:48 22 Mar 2009

Mocha, thanks for the reply, I should have said it's a PC that i'm having a problem with but I checked the settings you mentioned and even set the power button to standby.
This results in the monitor going to standby but the PC keeps running on :-)
A few weeks ago I did a complete install of Vista and updates including SP1 and I tried the sleep option after this and it worked.
However after installing all my programs etc it now doesn't so I guess it's one of those that's causing the problem.
I did have a go at Windows 7 beta the other day as an update and strangely it brought the sleep action back. I have now restored to original Vista using Acronis and I guess I can live with the sleep problem for now.
Thanks again

  tufti 15:32 22 Mar 2009

Having played around with various "Power Plan" settings I discovered that by choosing "Balanced" and "Change Plan Settings" to "Turn off display never" and "Put computer to sleep never" the sleep button works and both PC and display go to standby and resume when keyboard used or mouse moved.

This may be of use to others.

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