Skype not working from Start Page Tile

  armstrongpiper 09:59 07 Nov 2013

Skype has stopped working from the Start Page Tile. I am directed to the Shop where a message is displayed that my Developer Licence has expired. What is this, and how do I fix it.

Help Please,

Neil Baker

  [DELETED] 13:06 07 Nov 2013

Some app troubleshooting here might help.

  chub_tor 15:57 07 Nov 2013

I don't like the Metro App for Skype and have installed the old Desktop version and run it from there.

  armstrongpiper 17:23 07 Nov 2013

I'm not too keen on the apps thing myself, but I've only had this laptop a few weeks, so I'm really just getting used to the new things.

I've not had any luck with trying to fix the apps myself, and have found a Freephone number to Microsoft Support (0800 026 0329). They've been very good and having taken remote control of my computer have found several corrupted files which have now been repaired, but still apps won't open. I have now got a technician appointment for Saturday to try and resolve the apps problem.

Will report back later.

Thanks for your interest. Neil Baker

  [DELETED] 17:36 07 Nov 2013

If you have another Microsoft email account try creating another profile using that other email. See if all the apps work in that profile. You'll most probably need to verify the account and I use the phone option for that. I always have two admin accounts on a PC as sometimes profiles can become corrupted and is a handy backup.

  [DELETED] 17:49 07 Nov 2013

If you're going to have a try then the way is to open the charms bar, settings, change pc settings, accounts, then other accounts then add an account. This is on 8.1 so similar on 8.

You can always create a new email in Outlook first if you don't have one.

  armstrongpiper 18:38 09 Nov 2013

It seems that my Personal Account files had become corrupted, so I couldn't get access to the Microsoft Account which would allow Apps to be opened. Microsoft technician sorted this out by creating a new account. I think that is what you meant rdave13, I'm just not confident enough to have a go for myself. I was impressed by the Microsoft personnel's helpful and patient approach, and it was free!!

Thanks again, Neil

  [DELETED] 19:14 09 Nov 2013

armstrongpiper that's what I meant. Your profile had corrupted on that account so all Microsoft did was to create a new account with your email. I still think it would be a good idea to create another account (admin) on the machine as this can sometimes get you out of trouble. In IE go to Outlook and create another email. Now go to the charms bar, right corner, select settings, select change pc settings, select accounts, select other accounts, then use your new email and password to create the account. Now you will have a choice of accounts to choose from. I use my main email account as the usual login. By the way when you create a new email remember to give your phone number as when the new account is created on the PC you will get a verification choice of an alternative email or phone. I use the phone, it rings, and a very nice robot voice gives you a code to type in. She does it twice and you have one go so make sure you have a pen and pad ready.

Nice to know you're sorted and thanks for the feedback. :)

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