Skydrive and Windows 8 issue

  AWJC 08:42 26 Nov 2013

I have just bought a new desktop with Windows 8 after using XP for 10 years and am finding it hard to learn to love it. In particular I can't upload photos to Ebay as the browse facility on Ebay's selling screen defaults only to Skydrive so I can't download my pictures from the D drive where they are located. How can I stop the default to Skydrive and indeed do I have to use it at all if I don't want to?

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  Secret-Squirrel 16:23 26 Nov 2013

It sounds very much like you're using the newfangled Internet Explorer app instead of the more familiar desktop application - if so then that may explain why you're not getting on with it.

Anyhow, to answer your question, at the top of the upload screen where it shows "SkyDrive" there should be little downward-pointing arrow to the right of it. If there is then click on it and you should see the option to browse your computer instead where you can then choose your D: drive.

If you are indeed using the IE app and you don't like it then you may not be aware that there's also a regular version of IE installed already. Go to your Desktop by clicking the appropriate tile on the Start Screen and the IE icon for it may be there or on the Task Bar - if not then post back and I can tell you how to add one.

  AWJC 16:53 26 Nov 2013

Hi Secret-Squirrel

It is, as they say, easy when you know how! I had assumed that the little downward arrow was part of the logo. I will still need a while to get used to this tile based way of doing things, I suppose the problem is I was perfectly happy with XP, but as my old computer was on the way out anyway, decided to go for Windows 8 as it is the most up-to-date version. I am using Google Chrome not Internet Explorer. Many thanks for your kind assistance in this matter.

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  Secret-Squirrel 17:19 26 Nov 2013

".....I am using Google Chrome..."

Chrome, like IE, has a Desktop version and an app version. If it's the latter you're using and having difficulty with then apparently you can switch to the Desktop version quickly - click here and look at the section called "Switch between Chrome on the desktop and Chrome in Windows 8 mode".

Hope that helps.

  AWJC 19:36 26 Nov 2013

Thanks for the further info and I have relaunched Chrome in desktop mode as suggested.

Thanks again for your help. Windows 8 is slowly becoming more understandable but I still don't quite understand what advantages it has over XP especially on a desktop.

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  Secret-Squirrel 09:51 27 Nov 2013

You can make Windows 8 look and behave more like XP by adding a familiar Start Button to the Windows Desktop. That way you'll have easy access to your programs and personal files again. Classic Shell works well - there's more information and a tutorial here.

  AWJC 12:27 27 Nov 2013

Hi Secret Squirrel

Thanks for the further information. I have downloaded Classic Shell and restored my old friend Start Button to the desktop. I, and SWMBO are now feeling a lot less frustrated with Windows 8. Thanks again.

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