Single User Account for Work & Home?

  monkiheed 16:51 01 Aug 2011


I have a new laptop running Windows 7 that I intend to use both in work (domain) and also at home (no workgroup or domain).

My question is this: is it possible / advisable to have a single user account that can be used in both of these circumstances?

thanks in advance for any responses!

  mgmcc 08:54 02 Aug 2011

Although I know a bit about networking, I don't pretend to know about domains. However, as you've had no other replies, it is my understanding that if the computer is set up to operate in a domain, it has to be removed from the domain before it can be used in any other network situation. This will probably include connecting to a router for internet access.

I have heard of situations where people have tried to start the computer when not connected to the domain and when the login fails, they are locked out of the PC. I suspect that having separate User accounts won't be sufficient to get round the issues of using the computer outwith the domain.

If you have IT people at work, seek their advice because it isn't a straightforward issue.

  monkiheed 10:39 03 Aug 2011

thanks for your thoughts and, no, it's not straight forward! If I make any headway I'll report back!

  SF-IT-Technichian 02:48 05 Aug 2011

When you connect to the domain at work you should be logging onto your work network and just using your laptop as a client. This means that you will be using the user profile that is held within the work system, in the same way that you log in at work at the moment. You would be using that username and password.

When you connect at home you would be generally be using the laptop to connect to the internet through a wireless/wired router and use the user profile which is held on your laptop.

I hope this answers your question.

  monkiheed 10:43 06 Aug 2011

Thanks - I feel I've made progress.

At work I log on using, say, mydomain\monkiheed, and have access to the network resources I should.

At home I log on in using the same credentials (obviously the network resources) aren't available, but that means I don't have to maintain two separate profiles. I had imagined that when i tried to login as mydomain\monkiheed when outside the network i'd be denied access.

Shows what I know!

  SF-IT-Technician 09:28 07 Aug 2011

you could log onto your domain at work from home using Remote desktop, if your work domain allows it, and have access to all of your network resources from home. But in order to access remote desktop you would need to be logged in with your laptop credentials first.

your user profile on your laptop is seperate from your network and the use of the same username password combination has no relevance to the resources which will be made available.

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