Sick of vista, anyone know what latest updates are

  jade25 10:34 29 Aug 2007

Am a bit wary of downloading this mornings update's for vista as would like to know what there for and can't find out.
The other day l downloaded some updates for display drivers and two more that went with them. and it made it worse for crashing, they were update'you choose yourself.
There are problems everyday, think you have it right then onother one come's up, these are mine,
Crashes everyday when switchd on and the mouse.
Printer won't work with it.
uploading picture's doesn't work as it goes to wrong file and you can't alter it and this is affecting my work.
This is a little niggle but a few niggles does your head in, if a website has a email to contact them it won't come up so have to copy link then go back to inbox to email.
I buy a lot online but when you have a list on right side and sometimes on websites that are diffrent the text either looks as if its slipped down and you just see the tops, other is when black text comes over other text so you can't understand it.
Took me forever to find a web email to work with vista,ended up with google mail which is not good.three wouldn't, and there is more smaller faults and faults l have forget about, why are we wasting our money buying a pc thats useless.
I am thinking of getting a xp computer again but it will have to be a afordable one afer wasting money with vista. Anyone know were xp is still being sold.

  J B 11:38 29 Aug 2007

The two updates that I got last night were;

KB933360 Update for the computer clock for daylight savings time

KB939159 This one is to resolve an issue with BITS (Background Intelligence Transfre Service) Don't ask me about this one because I really don't know what it does. Hope this helps. J.B.

  Riojaa 12:09 29 Aug 2007

jade25 ,I'm surprised the resident butt heads haven't advised you to use Linux instead.
In reality there is not a lot one can do but accept the fact that it will take years for Vista to be fully sorted out.

As far as display drivers go I always get the latest ones from the manufacturers site eg NVidia.

MS should give unhappy users the legal right to swap their Vista software and license for an XP one since most new pc's will run either systems.
If however a new Vista pc cannot run with XP then it is a sad reflection of a giant twisted monopoly running the global show.

  Pine Man 12:29 29 Aug 2007

'accept the fact that it will take years for Vista to be fully sorted out.'

Absolute rubbish!

It's always Vista's fault isn't it...........

  Riojaa 12:41 29 Aug 2007

I think that it was yesterday that I received some critical updates.

It was for my XP computer!

"It's always Vista's fault isn't it..........." .
No, but I think that we all have a great wealth of experience into the mechanics of Microsoft to know all about realistic support time scales.

  bgbopper 12:43 29 Aug 2007

I updated from XP to Vista thinking all my problems will be over. Alas! It's worse than ever! I find myself spending more time trying to solve out problems caused by Vista than actually doing any work!

I read somewhere recently that there is going to be new Vista Ultimate Extras & a SP1 Vista coming out in Sept or Oct 2007.

I will wait for that to see if things improve, otherwise I'm going back to XP.

  Totally-braindead 13:18 29 Aug 2007

I reverted to XP as I couldn't get solutions to some of the problems I had.
That said, I choose what updates to install for XP and would do the same for Vista. More than once I have downloaded an updated graphics driver from Windows updates and its screwed things up so now I only download updated graphics drivers from the graphics card manufacturers website IE Nvidia.
So in that respect Vista is no better or worse than XP from my point of view.

  [email protected] 13:51 29 Aug 2007

yeah there are 2 security updates, and a fix for the multi language crashes on ultimate, all fine and dandy no problems here. im enjoying vista as long as i don't play games on it we are getting along fine.
jade as i said before, click view update details download the 'important' usually security or fixes anything else such as drivers for graphics are best hid, if you see one check out the hardware vendors site and download and install correctly, as their recomendations.
btw all nvidea 163 beta drivers all fine slightly increased performance many compatiblites with games fixed.

  jade25 14:38 29 Aug 2007

I did as you said adman 2 thats why l wanted to know what these updates were for as l have set updates to tell me before they put them in now but just numbers didn't tell me.
Nvidea drivers have installed but its no better so am leaving it on at night and then in two minutes am on line with no crashing and not the normal ten minutes to get on line were dial up only took 5 mins.
Am just sick of all these problems, one clears up then another 2 comes in and now with not being able to upload pictures from the right file (my pictures ) its effecting work as pictures for teaching art are the main thing.
Sorry all for not answering earlier as have only just got a email that only said one answer, are they using vista here to lol.
As now l have this picture problem it has got to the time when l will have to buy an xp computr as spent every day since last saturday trying to get it right but have searched on the web as someone told me it might not be a vista problem but after searching it is a vista problem whitch said comes in if using like me all day every day. Is there anywhere online were l could get a reasonable XP desktop.

  [email protected] 14:52 29 Aug 2007

you would have to do a clean format, if vista is in a recovery partition and you don't have the discs you would probably lose it for good. worth thinking about. click here

  [email protected] 14:54 29 Aug 2007

in fact, thinking about it. i would buy click here swap it with your current hdd. load xp. and keep the other drive safe.

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