showing the isp speed in task bar

  fitcher 15:44 22 Oct 2009

with win seven and explorer eight i can no longer see the isp internet speed in my task bar how can i do this

  bremner 15:59 22 Oct 2009

Atre you referring to the speed shown if you hovered over the wireless icon?

  fitcher 16:24 22 Oct 2009

there is no wireless icon in windows seven as I can find .I have looked in the network connections,but there seems a lot of things not in like xp

  fitcher 16:29 22 Oct 2009

I am a bit dissapointed with windows seven and may go back to xp ,I would like to know what speeds I am getting for my isp,if possible

  bremner 16:42 22 Oct 2009

The speed you refer to is nothing to do with your ISP.

It is the speed your computer is getting from the router and a not very accurate figure either.

For example mine used to say 105Mbps when my ISP's maximum speed was 20Mbps.

To get your ISP speed try here click here

  ambra4 16:48 22 Oct 2009

“There is no wireless icon in windows seven as I can find”

The wireless Icon in the task bar show up as 5 small bars totally difference than xp

  fitcher 19:04 22 Oct 2009

the speed i was on about was the connection speed shown in the task bar in xp as an icon of a computer ,yes I have noticed in views of the win 7 ,could they have been in another version..I will close now and leave the win seven for a week or two , as I have a driver problem with my scanner as well ,that I am told is being worked on by canon , I have kept xp on another disk .
a wise thing
thankls for the replies

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