Should I wait to upgrade to Windows 10

  RWBCAM 07:45 12 Sep 2015

My PC is offering me a free upgrade to Windows 10. I'm currently using Windows 7.

Am I right in thinking that I could wait until July 2016 and it will still be offered free?

Or should I upgrade now? I see from the posts on this forum that some people have Windows 10 problems with certain features not working. In the past, the conventional wisdom was to wait until Microsoft had sent out the first major update (SP1) to fix all the main common bugs since launch.

Thanks for any advive. I've downloaded the upgrade but not installed it yet.

  wee eddie 09:50 12 Sep 2015

I would wait another couple of months.

Also I would ditch your current download and re-do it, just before you run the update. On the basic assumption that some of the glitches will have been sorted by then

  Govan1x 09:50 12 Sep 2015

If you are happy with W7 stay where you are.

If you have tried W8 or W10 and you get on all right with it you are as well downloading it now. But like you said you can wait till next year before you do it.

I must have boobed somewhere you have downloaded it does that mean you are going to do a clean install you would loose any programs you have on your computer just now doing it that way,

Did not know that you could still upgrade your computer that way and save the programs that you have or I would have done the same. Looks like I boobed.

  spuds 16:05 13 Sep 2015

"And I sent the manufacturer (Lenovo)a very nasty email. This laptop was only 15 months old and came with an i3 processor and 8Gb memory with 1Tb hard drive. Not exactly low spec."

That's interesting, because I haven't all that long purchased a Lenovo laptop, which as reminding me to upgrade to W10. Haven't done so yet, but time and willingness permitting, might try it as an experiment, for failure or success.

  spuds 16:11 13 Sep 2015

Forgot to mention to the originator of the post. It would appear that some have jumped straight in, and downloaded, with additional adjustments when available.

Personally, my view was to wait and see what the general feelings are, because its all still in the early stages, and every Microsoft operating system that I know, always required 'tweaking' at some stage.

But having said that, my previous post might now suggest otherwise!.

  spuds 16:49 13 Sep 2015


Just checked, and its the Lenovo G700 that I have, so it looks like I might need to do further investigations. Thanks for the prompt, I would not have known otherwise, without the interesting information you have provided.

  Bailifei 04:05 14 Sep 2015

If you haven't upgraded yet and not in a hurry to use Win 10, you'd better wait till the first major update. but haven't heard when the sp1 would come out. that is a problem.

  Graphicool1 11:07 17 Sep 2015


You might want to check the W10 EULA EXPLAINED HERE before you do anything rash like installing it! Then ask yourself if it's really worth it?

  mole1944 14:15 17 Sep 2015

Golden rule before you install W10 clone your drive,then if it goes pear shaped it an easy step to swap your drive back to get back from whence you came.Drive swap 6 minutes reinstall hours and hours and hours, nuff said.

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