Should I upgrade to Vista

  skirmish 10:39 17 Sep 2010

Hi there

I'm currently struggling to get my PC to install XP SP3 so I'm considering forgetting about doing that and just installing Vista. What I'm concerned about is that the MS updates for SP2 have now stopped so could that cause problems for me?

When I bought the PC it had XP Media Centre loaded but it came with a free Vista upgrade disc however I never loaded it as I'd heard bad reports about Vista.
My PC is HP Pavillion with 2GB of RAM.

Do you think I should finally make the upgrade or would I be better off sticking with XP?

Thanks in advance

  kristain 11:37 17 Sep 2010

Windows xp has been always better/faster than vista. Get go with XP

  Woolwell 17:17 17 Sep 2010

Windows XP is not always better than Vista. Note the word always. Vista with the right specs is quite good. It needs RAM. Anything less than 2 Gb and you get a poor experience. It alld epnds on your system. Have you considered Windows 7?

  skirmish 18:34 17 Sep 2010

Well my PC has an Intel Celeron running at 3.2GHz with 2GB RAM. Do you think that would be sufficient for successful operation?

The reason I'm tempted to use Vista is because i already have the upgrade disk and I'd rather not have to spend £70 on Win 7 at the moment.

  mooly 18:55 17 Sep 2010

Vista is great, I would never ever go back to XP... don't believe all you hear. It's super stable, I find it boots up fast, in under 90 seconds and it's generally a joy to use.

I too got a free upgrade disc with my Acer laptop, and installed it at the time as an upgrade... which was OK.

However... you can do a full clean install from an upgrade disc which uses the Vista disc to format your HDD, then install Vista.
click here

I did this 12 months ago and it's brilliant. Use Microsoft Security Essentials,

click here

as it's really light on resources.

I wouldn't think twice...

  skirmish 19:06 17 Sep 2010

Thanks Mooly. To be honest I'd rather just do an upgrade than a full install as it will take an age to reinstall all my software.

In case I do a full install can I save all my emails and transfer them to the Vista system?

  Forum Editor 22:55 17 Sep 2010

that you would rather not spend any money just now, but I strongly advise you to reconsider. A move to Windows 7 would be a much better move in my opinion.

I have nothing in particular against Vista, but Windows 7 is far better, and you'll make the move in due course anyway.

  Kevscar1 06:51 18 Sep 2010

Do upgrade now wait another year and a new Widows OS will be out, you can miss 7 completely and get somethig where everybody is saying this is better than 7.

  mooly 07:09 18 Sep 2010

I use web based email so never had to transfer emails from system to system... sure someone will know though.

  chub_tor 09:54 18 Sep 2010

I agree with the FE, skip Vista as it will struggle with your spec and go direct to Windows7 which will work comfortably.

Yes you can transfer all your emails to Windows 7 Live Mail, even the POP3 accounts but you will need to do a bit of work first by exporting them to a memory stick or CD, then set up the accounts in LiveMail before importing them back in.

  skirmish 10:17 18 Sep 2010

Thanks for the advice.

Is that the method also to transfer emails to Vista?

I suppose I could copy my important emails to any web based email client and then send them onto my new Vista or Win 7 email software?

Just one query that hasn't been answered. Is my computer at risk if I stick with XP and just it's SP2 which is not now being supported by MS?

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