Should I force Windows Anniversary Update?

  wee eddie 14:15 12 Sep 2016

I am still happily using Version 1511 and have received the regular updates recently.

So the big question is ~ Should I sit tight and wait for AU to download itself in its own good time, or should I force it to download, asap?

  john bunyan 14:37 12 Sep 2016

Having received it on my desktop in the normal way, I did get it deliberately on my laptop and my two granddaughters ones as they are too laid back to do things like regular Macrium back ups etc. I just wanted to get all the pc's in line. Just check , if you do it, that you reset restore points.

  Pine Man 16:15 12 Sep 2016

I forced it and didn't have a problem. Well I thought I had't got a problem till I messed up something and went to System Restore to mend it. Uh Oh! Just as JB says above the first thing you MUST do is enable System Restore. God knows why MS thought it would be a good idea to deactivate it.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:33 12 Sep 2016

I forced it on the laptop as that doesn't connect often and it worked fine.

Updated on the desktop when it came through, that was a disaster - kept freezing after 30 seconds or so, system restore is switched off and all restore points gone, reset keeping data failed, reset removing data failed windows sytem backup failed.

Good job I took a Macrium system backup before upgrading as windows fully let me down.

It seems if you have a SSD but users dat is on HDD the August update doesn't like it and MS are still looking into a solution.

Some webcams no longer work as windows update will ot work with their drivers.

  wee eddie 17:00 12 Sep 2016

As I have my OS on an SSD and my Files on a regular Hard Drive.

I have heard of this problem but found it difficult to believe. How can Microsoft have been so careless?

How do I stop it AU installing if it decides to download itself?

  wee eddie 17:01 12 Sep 2016

I have 2 NTS Shadow backups, so my Files should be safe

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:20 12 Sep 2016

it downloads an installer you get a desktop icon windows 10 upgrade as long as you do not click on the icon it does not upgrade to install the anniversary update.

I have gone back to my old image and will stop with 1511 till MS sort it.

  john bunyan 19:33 12 Sep 2016

I have OS, programmes etc on SSD and data on SATA.I have users data on SATA but did not move whole users profile there, so I use CCleaner to keep users AppData to a minimum ( only about 1.4 Gig) . So far no issues with the Annual update. I , also , made a Macrium image prior to the update .

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