Should I change back up plans on a new PC?

  john bunyan 17:12 14 Feb 2018

I am thinking of buying a new , small laptop with a 500 gig SSD. My desktop , which I use mostly, has a 250 gig SDD(C Drive) , of which I use about 70 Gig for programmes, restore points and a bit of User stuff that is too difficult to move. My 1 Tb HDD (D Drive) has only 70 Gig of Data, mostly music and still photos , as I am not into games nor video. At the moment I make Macrium images weekly of the C Drive and frequent mirror images using SynchToy of the D Drive, both to a partitioned USB HD (actually 2, one of which I keep in a safe room.

It has been suggested that on a new laptop with a 500 Gig SSD , it is not worth the bother of partitioning, as long as one does fairly frequent macrium images. I would, I think, still keep data in a Data folder so I could carry on with frequent back ups of that. My question is, should I bother to partition the new PC?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:12 14 Feb 2018

Its about speed and size of images a 140Gb image will take longer to make and restore

personally I would keep the C drive (system small) and also keep the data separate I don't always take images of both only unless I've changed something on the system drive or added more data

  john bunyan 09:15 15 Feb 2018

*Fruit Bat /\0/*

That's what I thought; I am planning about 200 gig for C and 300 for D on new PC . A repair shop guy suggested no partition, but I have always used them as the updating mirror copy method for data is so quick for data compared with an image.

  alanrwood 09:23 15 Feb 2018

If all your windows and program files are on the "C" drive and all data on the "D" drive it does make for quicker imaging of the important items on "C" quicker. Normal Data backups are also quicker as they will not include the operating system etc. Also if you have a disaster on "C" it is quicker to sort out than restoring all the data as well

  john bunyan 19:15 15 Feb 2018

Thanks both. You have confirmed my own views so I will act accordingly.

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