Should have more 21 more GB of space than there is

  ady888s 19:40 28 Oct 2010

Hi all,

I'm trying to free up space on my laptop.

Starting work on the Cdrive, theres a lot of space which is missing. Explorer tells me I've got 14GB free. However, out of 51GB, I'm using 8GB for Windows, 6.5 GB for programme files and little else that I can see. In total I'm using 14.5 (plus maybe a GB more for other small sized folders like Intel, ACER and DRV) so I should have 35GB free, not the 14GB that Explorer is telling me.

I've selected 'show hidden files and folders' to see if there's anything else there but I'm stumped.

Thanks in advance,


  Les28 07:29 29 Oct 2010

As well as hidden files did you select to view protected operating system files?

Could be the space windows reserves for system restore, recycle bin and page file, also space used by hibernate if you use it.

System restore and recycle bin default cache sizes can be reduced

click here

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  kristain 07:44 29 Oct 2010

do the followings:

1. delete all temporary files

2. empty your recycle bin

3. run defragmentation

4. some unused registry might be exist on your pc, so run a registry cleaner software

click here to download registry cleaner software or click here to download free

  BRYNIT 09:12 29 Oct 2010

You could check your documents files.

Programs like DVD Movie factory sometimes create large backup files in the Documents/program? foledr, unless you remember to delete these files they will continue to grow.

  ady888s 13:13 29 Oct 2010

hi all,

Thanks for all that. Some I had done and found a couple of extra GBs. I'm trying to account for 16GB.

I'm wondering if there is a backup image of windows somewhere which I cant see (because its protected I guess?) I think I maybe did a complete reinstall from this a couple of years ago but I can't remember.

I'm running Vista on an Acer Aspire 5310



  Les28 07:16 30 Oct 2010

A protected file you mightn't be able to access or open until you gave yourself ownership, but I would have thought you'd have been able to "see it" if you had show operating system files and hidden files on view.

You could try something like Tree Size to see if you can find it

click here

Is the C drive showing as 51 GB overall size in Disk Managment

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You do have the recovery partition, that you access with Alt and F10 if ever needed, is that given a separate letter D drive?

  ady888s 13:04 30 Oct 2010

Hi there, thanks for these tips! I'll use Tree Size next but this is what I found this morning:

The laptop has a 120 GB HDD (as stated on the sticker)

Using Disk management, it says:
51.14GB CDrive (with 18 GB free)16 GB unaccounted for
50.89GB Ddrive (with 49 GB free)
9.76GB EISA (with 9.76 GB free!)

The 'Basic' (which I take to mean overall) is given as 111.79GB

Why is the overall nearly 10 less than the stated?
Why have I only just realised this!?
Can the EISA partition be assimilated into one of the other partitions so that 10GB can actually be used?

I'll use tree size to find out what is hiding on the CDrive.

Thank very much for all your helpful suggestions so far,


  ady888s 13:31 30 Oct 2010

Hi Les28: "You do have the recovery partition, that you access with Alt and F10 if ever needed, is that given a separate letter D drive?"

It doesn't seem to have a separate partition, only the ones I saw above. Do you think that would account for the missing 10 GB which must be being used for something? Is there any way of actually seeing where this is on the computer?

The reason I ask is that using Tree Size, it says of the 32GB on the CDrive, 20GB is for Windows. Does 20GB for Windows sound about right? Is the basic size for Windows around 10GB and then it grows with updates etc?

Also, 2.3 GB is for [files] including 1.3GB for 'pagefile.sys' and 1GB 'hiberfil.sys'. Do I need to keep these?

Thanks peeps,


  Les28 13:34 30 Oct 2010

These explain the difference between what size the hard drive is marketed as and what it really is, if you knock 70.3 MB's off every GB your 120 would be about 111 in total.

click here

click here

click here

  Les28 14:06 30 Oct 2010

The 9.76GB EISA is the acer recovery partition

click here

click here

You don't need to keep hyberfil if you don't use hibernate feature, this explains how to turn off hibernate either using a command prompt or using windows disk cleanup and how to turn it on again using a command prompt if you ever want to use hibernate in future

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Pagefile.sys is probably best left alone, windows uses some of your hard drive space for working memory in addition to your ram memory.

You could also have a look at deleting old windows update backup files

click here

Ideas about the size of Vista install

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click here

  Les28 14:25 30 Oct 2010

You have a D drive partition of 50GB nearly all free, have you thought of perhaps moving your Documents folder to that partition as explained here to free up space on C drive, you can see if you use Tree Size how large Documents folder is and whether you think it would free up enough space on C drive.

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