Shortcuts toolbar stuck on Taskbar

  xania 15:15 03 Dec 2011

In Windows XP when you right click the task bar and add a shortcuts toolbar, you are free to have the new toolbar on any edge of the screen away from the taskbar. In Windows 7, I seem to have that shortcut bar stuck on the taskbar. How can I move the shortcut bar to the top of the screen and keep the taskbar at the bottom of the screen, please?

  difarn 16:18 03 Dec 2011

If you right click the desktop and open "Personalize", then Taskbar and Start Menu, you are given the option to have your taskbar at the top, bottom, left or right of the desktop.

You can put your shortcut icons individually wherever you want on Windows 7 desktop.

Does this help?

  xania 12:47 04 Dec 2011

Sorry, but I think you may have misunderstood the problem. I know I can move the taskbar, but I don't want to. I'm also tryiong to cut down on the num ber of individual icons I have on my desktop, and this I achieved in Windows XP by the use of a speparate short-cuts bar. In Windows 7, on the task bar I also now have a short-cuts bar but unlike Windows XP this it a fixed part of the task bar and I want to separate the two.

  difarn 13:53 04 Dec 2011


Yes I did misunderstand - have a look at this - it may help.

  xania 15:35 04 Dec 2011

Hmm. Seems at first glance merely to confirm what I have found. Can't stop now, but I will look at this in more detail later in the week and then come back again.

  difarn 16:24 04 Dec 2011

You will need to read through and follow the links. I have removed my icons from the desktop and created a "desktop" tool bar which sits on the task bar. In addition you can pin your favourite web sites to your browser button if you keep this on your taskbar - this works very well.

  xania 10:17 06 Dec 2011

Yes - its as I feared - all it tells me is what I already knew. But I don't want my new toolbar ON the taskbar. I have to find an alternative way of solving this problem.

  difarn 15:59 06 Dec 2011

Just delved a bit more. Apparently this feature has definitely been removed in Windows 7. Have a look at this to see if it might be an alternative

  xania 10:48 08 Dec 2011

Yes I have now had confirmation of this new 'feature' in Windows 7 from Microsoft with an invitation to let them know what I tihnk about it - I will be letting them know in no uncertain terms. They removed the shortcut bar from Office about 2003, and now this!

Thanks for the link - I'll take a look at this later and see if it helps. For the moment, though, I have added 5 folders of links to my desktop to overcome the problem.

  xania 13:47 10 Dec 2011

Thanks difarn. I think RocketDock has all I need - the other seems a bit over the top for me (but no doubt others will like them).

  difarn 16:28 10 Dec 2011

rdave13 -Doubling the task bar works well. I must admit I find it more useful to enable the desktop toolbar - all icons are then neatly put into a pop up menu. I have then created other toolbars for apps, media, etc. Different things work for different people.

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